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s&ra s'ok s'ym s-ib s-ic s-ii s-iv s-os s-vt s.a. s.c. s.d. s.f. s.j. s.m. s.o. s.p. s.s. s.t. s.v. s/he s/sl sa'a sa'd sa-c sa-x saab saac saad saae saaf saag saah saaj saak saal saam saan saap saar saas saat saaz sab. saba sabb sabc sabe sabi sabo sabr sabs sabu sabz saca sacc sacd sace saci sack sacn saco sacs sact sacu sacy sada sadb sadc sadd sade sadh sadi sadl sadm sado sadr sads sadt sadu sady sadz saeb saek sael saer saes saex saez safa safb safc safe saff safi safm safo saft safu saga sage sagg sagh sagi sago sags sagu sagy saha sahe sahg sahi sahk sahl sahm sahn saho sahr sahs saht sahu sahy saia saic said saie saif saih saik sail saim sain saip saiq sair sais sait saiv saix saiz saj' saja saka sakb sake saki sakk sako saks saku saky sala salc sald sale salf salh sali salk sall salm salo salp sals salt salu salv saly salz sam- sam. sama samc same sami saml samm samn samo samp sams samt samu samy sana sand sane sang sani sanj sank sanm sann sano sans sant sanu sany sanz saoi saol saon saor saou sapa sape sapi sapo sapp saps sapy saqi sara sarc sard sare sarf sarg sarh sari sark sarl sarm sarn saro sarp sarr sars sart saru sarv sary sarz sasa sasc sasd sase sasf sash sasi sask sasl sasm saso sass sast sata satb satc satd sate satg sati satl satn sato satr sats satt satu satz saua sauc saud saue sauf sauh sauk saul saum saun saup saur saus saut saux sava save savi savo savs savu savy sawa sawd sawe sawf sawi sawl sawm sawn saws sawt saxa saxe saxl saxo saxt saya sayd saye sayh sayi saym sayn sayo sayp sayr says saza saze sbaa sbac sbai sbar sbbs sbca sbcc sbcs sbct sbd. sbds sbef sber sbfc sbh4 sbhc sbhk sbhs sbia sbic sbig sbma sbmc sbml sbor sbot sbrk sbsa sbsd sbse sbsi sbsp sbst sbtc sbtk sbtn sbus sbwr scaa scab scac scad scaf scag scai scak scal scam scan scap scar scas scat scaw scay scba scbi sccc scce sccl sccm sccp sccs scct sccy scda scdc scdf scdg scds sce. scea scec scee sceg scel scep scer scet scew scey scfa scfc scfe scfg scfi scfm scgp scgs sch- scha sche schh schi schl scho schr schs schw sci- sci. scia scic scid scie scif scil scim scin scio scip scir scis scit sciv sck- sckl scl- sclc sclk sclm scls scma scmc scmm scmo scmp scms scna scnd scnr scnt scob scog scok scol scom scon scop scor scot scow scox scpa scpb scpe scpi scpl scpm scpo scps scpt scr- scra scrc scri scrn scry scsa scsc scsd scsh scsi scsl scsn scso scsr scst scsu sctc sctd sctn sctr sctv scua scud scug scul scum scup scur scut scvp scwe scwm scye scyn sdae sdak sdap sdau sdax sdba sdcc sdch sdco sdcv sddc sdds sdef sdep sder sdes sdet sdew sdfc sdge sdha sdhb sdhd sdhs sdib sdic sdif sdio sdla sdlc sdlt sdma sdmo sdms sdmx sdog sdpr sdps sdrc sdsc sdsf sdsl sdsm sdss sdsu sdtm sdxf se'i se-c se-d se-e se-f se-g se-h se-i se-k se-n se-o se-s se-t se-u se-w se-x se-y se-z seaa seab seac sead seaf seah seak seal seam sean seap seaq sear seas seat seau seaw seax seay seaz seba sebe sebi sebo sebs sebt seby sec- sec. seca secc sece secg sech seck secn seco secr secs sect secu secv secy seda sede sedo seea seeb seec seed seef seeg seeh seek seel seem seen seep seeq seer sees seet seeu seew seex seey seez sefa seff sefi sefl seft sega sege segg segh segi sego segs segu sehe sehk sehr sehs seia seid seie seif seih seii seik seil seim sein seip seir seis seit seix sejm sejo seka seke seki sekk seko seku sela selb seld sele self seli selk sell selm selo sels selt selu sely selz sema semc seme semi semp sems semu semy sena send sene seng seni senj senn seno senr sens sent seny seoc seod seoi seok seol seon seop seow sepa sepd sepe sepg sepn sepo sepp sepr seps sept sepu sepx seqq seqs sequ ser. sera serb serc serd sere serf serg seri serj serk serm sern sero serp serq serr sers sert seru serv sery sesa sesc sese sesh sess sest set- seta setc sete setf seth seti setl seto sets sett setx setz seui seul seur seux seva seve sevi sevl sewa sewe sewg sewl sewn sewr sews sewu sewy sex- sexe sexi sexp sext sexy seye seyf seyh seyk seyl seym seyn seys seyt sfar sfas sfax sfba sfbc sfca sfcc sfcg sfco sfcs sfcw sfdc sfdk sfer sffc sfgp sfha sfhs sfia sfij sfio sflc sfls sfma sfmm sfnb sfne sfnt sfog sfor sfos sfpa sfpc sfpd sfpq sfra sfro sfss sfsu sftp sfts sfwa sfwu sfz. sg&a sgaa sgac sgap sgau sgaw sgca sgcb sgcd sgce sgcg sgcz sgd. sgef sgem sges sggg sggs sghc sghs sgic sgio sglr sgml sgnl sgnq sgps sgro sgsd sgsh sgsm sgss sgsv sgt. sgta sgts sha. shab shac shad shae shag shah shai shaj shak shal sham shan shao shap shaq shar shas shat

Word usage examples

In the small garden enchained porno parrots swore and shat around the porno pool.

Whoever shat in his pants after that received an uncensorious slap and one less meal.

she swallowed down what the shepherds gathered in, she hiccuped methane and she shat ingots and beams and sheet and foam steel.

He shouted hysterical warnings to his brother Frank, he wept, he delivered huge monologues about his shoe factory where he promised he’d give them all work, tiny spits of energy would fly from him without warning, he giggled constantly, he shat his pants and started slinging it about.

Then the intruder pissed and shat on the cover of the Bordens' bed, knocked the clutter of this and that on the dresser to the floor, smashing everything, swept into Old Borden's dressing room there to maliciously assault the funeral coat as it hung in the moth-balled dark of his closet with the self-same nail scissors that had been used on the safe (the nail scissors now split in two and were abandoned on the closet floor), retired to the kitchen, smashed the flour crock and the treacle crock, and then scrawled an obscenity or two on the parlour window with the cake of soap that lived beside the scullery sink.

A lucky shat must have struck it solidly within some ten feet of the deck, for as Bolitho clung to the nettings to see better he saw stays and shrouds parting like cotton while the whole mast, spars and wildly flapping canvas staggered, swung momentarily enmeshed in the tangle of rigging, before pitching down into the smoke.

The world remained in a lethargy during the week of evil omens in which he didn't get out of the hammock even to eat, he used the fan to shoo off the tame birds who alighted on his body, he shooed away the splotches of light coming through the pansies thinking they were tame birds, he received no one, he gave no orders, but the forces of public order remained aloof when the mobs of hired fanatics stormed the palace of the Apostolic Nunciature, sacked its museum of historic relics, surprised the nuncio taking his siesta outdoors in the peaceful backwaters of the inner garden, dragged him naked onto the street, shat on him general sir, just imagine, but he didn't move from the hammock, he didn .

Took in silicon, aluminum, et cetera in its front end, digested them and put them together, and shat solar cells out its backside.

It lifted its dark and shaggy head and shas looked into the pale yellow eyes and saw the agony and blind rag, they contained.

Now it looked as if all this was coming to an end, and shas immediately called a meeting of his principal advisors in the board.