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vb. (obsolete spelling of say English)


SAYE may refer to:

  • Sharesave, or Save As You Earn, a British savings scheme to encourage employees to buy stakes in the companies for which they work.
  • Saye, a woollen cloth woven in the west and south of England in and around the 15th and 16th centuries.
  • Saye, Mali
  • Baron Saye and Sele, a title in the Peerage of England
Saye (disambiguation)

Saye may refer to:

  • Saye, a woollen cloth historically woven in England
  • Saye, Mali, a town in Mali
  • Saye, Dahanu, a village in Maharashtra, India
  • Baron Saye and Sele, British peerage
  • Viscount Saye and Sele, British peerage

Usage examples of "saye".

You will wonder if it is possible that Mr Saye has heard any talk from the other side.

In that case would you please tell Mr Saye that two of my men will be calling on him at 3.

This man Jack Spang, or Rufus Saye, or ABC, or whatever he calls himself.

While Sergeant Dankwaerts, in tones which to a law-breaker would have sounded menacingly level, and consulting from time to time a small black note-book, recited a story studded with 'on the i6th instant's' and 'it came to our knowledge's', Bond made an unconcealed examination of Mr Saye which appeared to perturb Mr Saye no more than the undertones of Sergeant Dankwaerts's recitation.

Mr Saye was a large, compact man with the hardness of a chunk of quartz.

Two years after the death of the sixth Earl of Weston, Gerald's father, Mama had snared the duke of Saye for husband number three.

He didst Saye my nose was ridged and like unto the hide of an Elephant (though I know not what that Creature be but suspect it to be a most foul Toad) and my ears were like great cabbages and spotted also and full of slugs.

My Brother is uneasy on this count for he didst saye to me, "I will not do this, Esmeralda.

My Brother locked his Chamber and didst saye to me, "Begone, Esmeralda, for this is not Business upon which you should thinke.

With Sunne in V House, Saturne in Trine, drawe ye Pentagram of Fire, and saye ye ninth Uerse thrice.

You can't saye him down with ye Formula, for that will Worke only upon such as ye other Formula hath call'd up from Saltes.