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SERI may stand for:

  • Samsung Economic Research Institute, a prominent private-sector think tank in South Korea established by Samsung.
  • State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation, a government body under the Federal Department of Home Affairs of Switzerland.

Usage examples of "seri".

Even Seri, usually level-headed and calm, had flung herself on Aris, sobbing wildly, in the first hours after.

He fell, knowing he was falling, trusting Seri to be there, to catch him, as she had been from the first time he’d used this power.

But he could see Seri, standing stiffly, ready to fight if she had to, and the man whose office this was, and a great lump of a man who must be the Marshal-General.

Whatever Seri thought, his mother was his mother, and he would not speak ill of her.

That’s why I was so often alone with Seri and her family and the other servants.

The lord’s hand stroking Seri’s cheek and neck, and the drawling voice in which he’d said, “Of course you can bring your sweetling, lad, though you’re really too young to appreciate her…” Something wrong: he had realized suddenly that Seri was frightened, Seri who was never frightened—her eyes dilated, her breathing shallow.

The pup squealed, Seri jerked free, Aris had flung himself at the injured pup, ignoring the lord’s command to let the beast die.

He and Seri had run off to join the blueshirts, with the surviving servants, and spent the last of the war fetching water and digging trenches for the peasant army.

The pup rolled in his hands suddenly, squirming, and slapped his face with its wet pink tongue… and he’d fallen asleep where he sat, with Seri holding his head.

He’d found nothing, but Aris had slept for a week when the lambing was over, so deep asleep that Seri had had to clean him where he lay, like a baby.

When the village saw how each attempt at healing wore on him, they were careful in their requests, and Seri protected him as best she could.

And it came to hurt, sir… it rises up in me like water in a spring, when I see someone in need… I fell sick myself, late in winter, and Seri said that caused it.

He felt half-dressed, with Seri off somewhere else, but he understood what Gird was trying to do.

Only last Midwinter Feast, when his healer’s eye had recognized that Gird’s health was failing, he had spent several miserable days trying to hide his grief until Seri talked it out of him.

What he really wanted was time alone with Seri, time for both of them to cry together, and comfort each other.