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Saša is a South Slavic given name. It is a diminutive of Aleksandar (see Sasha), but in the South Slavic countries it is often a formal name as well. It may refer to:

  • Saša Antunović
  • Saša Bjelanović, Croatian footballer
  • Saša Bogunović
  • Saša Cilinšek
  • Saša Ćetković
  • Saša Ćirić
  • Saša Ćurčić
  • Saša Dragičević, Bosnian footballer
  • Saša Dragin
  • Saša Drakulić, Serbian footballer
  • Saša Đorđević (footballer)
  • Saša Gajser, Slovenian footballer
  • Saša Gedeon
  • Saša Ilić (footballer born 1977), Serbian football midfielder
  • Saša Ilić (footballer born 1972), Serbian-Australian football goalkeeper
  • Saša Ilić (Macedonian footballer) (1970-), Macedonian football goalkeeper
  • Saša Imprić, Croatian swimmer
  • Saša Ivanović
  • Saša Lošić
  • Saša Kajkut
  • Saša Kocić
  • Saša Kovačević
  • Saša Lozar
  • Saša Matić
  • Saša Obradović (1969-), Serbian basketball coach and former player
  • Saša Papac
  • Saša Peršon, Croatian footballer
  • Saša Petricic
  • Saša Radivojević
  • Saša Ranić, Slovenian footballer
  • Saša Simonović
  • Saša Skenderija, Bosnian-American poet
  • Saša Stamenković
  • Saša Todić
  • Saša Toperić
  • Saša Vasiljević, Bosnian basketball player
  • Saša Viciknez
  • Saša Vlaisavljević
  • Saša Milašinović

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Sasa (video game)

Sasa, is an arcade video game released for the MSX1 in 1984 and later for the Family Computer titled as in 1985.

This video game involved obtaining capsules with an 'E' on them, sometimes suspended by balloons. The main character could only use bullets to propel himself, and when the bullet count reaches 0, the game ends. A player can also lose bullets by colliding with an enemy, the other player, or the other player's bullets.

Sasa (plant)

Sasa (Japanese: or ) is a genus of running bamboo. These species have at most one branch per node.


Sása may refer to:

  • Sása, Revúca District, Slovakia
  • Sása, Zvolen District, Slovakia

Şasa may refer to several villages in Romania:

  • Şasa, a village in Lupșa Commune, Alba County
  • Şasa, a village in Dănesti Commune, Gorj County
  • Şasa, a village in Ileanda Commune, Sălaj County
Sasa (dance)

Sasa is a Samoan word for a particular group dance. The sasa can be performed by both males and females in a seated position or standing. Hand movements are used to depict activities taken from everyday life.