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Šaca is a borough of Košice, Slovakia.

The first written record about Šaca dates back to 1275. Since 1427 the landowners of Šaca were the family of Semsey which built a castle here in the 15th century, however, it was pulled down on the order of the King Matthias Corvinus. Water mills worked in Šaca since the Middle Ages until 1950.

After World War II the village became a residential district for builders of a new steelworks company - Východoslovenské železiarne Košice (VSŽ Košice - "Eastern Slovak Iron Works in Košice"). In January 1960 construction started on more than 8 square kilometres of land. In 1965 the first blast furnace was fired up and production in the hot rolling mill and coke plant was started. In four decades the Košice mill has developed into a steel-producing plant that has managed to reach the markets and achieve a position among the significant steel producers. It has been accepted as a member of prestigious international organizations associating iron and steel producers and has become a partner of renowned foreign firms in joint ventures. The new phase in the history of the factory started on November 24, 2000 when the metallurgy production and commercial activities were sold to the leading American steel company The United States Steel Corporation - VSŽ Košice changed name on U. S. Steel Košice.

In the 1970s, Šaca gained urban character and became one of 22 urban parts of Košice.


Saca or SACA may refer to:

  • Saka, the ancient Scythians
  • Šaca, a city in Slovakia
  • Saca Peak, a mountain peak in Gurghiu Mountains, Mureş County, Romania (1776 m)
  • Saca River, river in Romania
  • Saca, a place mentioned in Kharoshthi documents that has been identified with Endere, an archaeological site in the southern Taklamakan Desert
  • Saca, a village in Budureasa Commune, Bihor County, Romania
  • Saca, a village in Ghelăuza Commune, Străşeni district, Moldova
  • South Australian Cricket Association
  • Singapore Amateur Cycling Association
  • SACA, Singapore After-Care Association
  • Southern Arizona Community Academy, school in Tucson, Arizona, United States
  • Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy, school in Georgia, United States