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Selk may refer to:

  • SELK, as a four-letter acronym, the Independent Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Germany (German: Selbst√§ndige Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche).
  • Serket, an ancient Egyptian scorpion goddess
  • Selk, Germany, a town in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
  • Selk, a sleeping bag with arms and legs (also known as a Selkbag or selk'bag), supposedly relating to the Selknam tribe, indigenous to Tierra del Fuego and other parts of Patagonia
  • Selk, referring to King Scorpion, or Scorpion II, the second of two kings so-named of Upper Egypt during the Protodynastic Period

Usage examples of "selk".

Checking the glows had been her task ever since she had grown taller than Selk.