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init. A Swedish brand of cars and airplanes. The car brand is currently owned by Dutch


Saab may refer to:

  • Saab Group, a Swedish aerospace and defence company, formerly known as SAAB, and later as Saab AB
  • Saab Automobile, a Swedish automobile manufacturer, formerly a division of Saab AB
  • Space: Above and Beyond or S:AAB, an American science fiction television series
  • Student African American Brotherhood or SAAB

Usage examples of "saab".

Luckily enough though, I had the previous week purchased a Saab 9000 from a huckster culchie car dealer I had met in the car one Sunday night, so after a week of toing and froing between insurers, Dublin City Council and the NCTS, I was back on the road.

And then he saw it, almost completely hidden, like the remnants of an old tank--the blue SAAB with ponderosa branches piled over the roof and hood and built up along the sides.

She parked the Saab on a funky side street in town, near the Metro Center, right across from the Asti bar.

Ellen Jamesian in the dirty-white Saab, Whitcomb claimed, had given Garp the urgency necessary to make him write again.

When I slid the Saab into a parking slot, the place was already filling with the vehicles so loved by Southern dykes with money: apple-green Samurais, blood-red Jettas, peach Cabriolets, dignified gold Camrys, two silver Isuzu Troopers.

Sampson and I followed Ruskin and Sikes out to their car, a forest-green Saab Turbo.

BMW racing car, a new white Audi, and the classic Mercedes, which had been wrecked, only to be replaced by the new Saab.

The spaces in the car park were taken, so Rebus did what others before him had done: bumped the Saab up on to the grass verge so that its nose touched the flower beds.

No matter where he went in the City, there was an odoriferous mix of food and vehicles, like the alchemic concoctions of some mad gourmet mechanic: Kung Pao Saab Turbo, Buick Skylark Carbonara, Sweet-and-Sour Metro Bus, Honda Bolognese with Burning Clutch Sauce.

As I made my way across the lawn I noticed the Saab had been moved forward into the driveway.

It's a discreet green Saab with a POLICE POWER sticker on the left side of the bumper and one reading HUGS NOT DRUGS on the right.

Sometimes it was genuine industrial espionage-peeling apart a running shoe to see what kinds of adhesives it used-but usually it amounted to analyzing tap water for the anxious yuppies moving into the center of Boston, closet environmentalists who didn't want to pour aromatic hydrocarbons into their babies any more than they'd burn 7-Eleven gasoline in their Saabs.

They buy Shaker furniture, Saabs, koi, Pilchuk glass, native art, and 401(K)s to the max.

How could he have known that the Saab would get a flat tire out in the middle of nowhere?

While the tow truck hooked up the Saab, Pedro Luz forced himself to reflect on events.