Word definitions

This section is useful when you need to define the meaning of a word. It may be especially difficult if the word you deal with is a neologism or borrowed from other languages. There are also calques that are literal translations of foreign phrases. It’s next to impossible to understand their meaning without knowing the language. In such cases the section “Word definitions” is especially helpful. You will really find it simple and convenient to work with this section.

Why is it so important to interpret words correctly?

It should be noted that a word can have several meanings, which is known in lexicology as polysemy. Our site is for those people who seek to improve their vocabulary through discovering the lexical meaning of new words or new meanings of a well-known ambiguous word.

How to Search for Words

The section is very easy to use. There is a field where you can enter the word and get a list of its meanings. The data is provided from different sources ‒ encyclopedic, explanatory and word-formation dictionaries. Here you can also find examples illustrating the use of the words you are interested in. Search for the meanings of a word and check it out!

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