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Now Seff would slowly turn and look at him, just look, with the head tilted a little to one side, queryingly.

The man could be frightened by Seff, but only when the fact penetrated that Seff was displeased with him, and it would not penetrate unless Seff put himself to the task of making sure that it did.

Bowker felt quick delight that Seff had slipped for once, and moved smoothly in to repair the error.

His dark eyes always held a faraway look, as if his thoughts were elsewhere, but Seff knew that he had taken in what had been said to him.

Apart from the relationship of Lucifer to Seff, the rest of the story was true.

It was the first time he had ever given Seff or Bowker a flat refusal.

Instinct told her that Seff was the big man, yet he was to some extent, and in the strangest way, deferring to Lucifer.

She shut them out and put her mind to the sequence of action that would follow if Seff decided to kill her.

For the moment that still remained, and in this one thing Lucifer could not be manipulated, either by Seff or Bowker.

Bowker had taken a scalpel to the area numbed by novocaine and worked in silence while Seff explained to her and to Collier exactly what was being done.

Throughout the journey Modesty Blaise and Steve Collier had never been more than fifty paces from Seff, and the effective range of the small transmitter was over half a mile.

Also, they had never been allowed within attacking distance of Seff, and there had been supervision day and night.

Somewhere in the house was the transmitter Seff used for maintaining contact with Mr.

She knew the structure of the little group Seff had gathered about him, knew the part played by Bowker, the part played by Jack Wish.

This could be dangerous in the long run, for Seff would be driven to act if he saw her influence over Lucifer growing too strong.