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Sela (Edom)

Sela (, , transliteration Sela‛, meaning rock; Arabic: as-Sala‛; ; ) was the capital of Edom, situated in the great valley extending from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea ( 2 Kings 14:7). It was near Mount Hor, close by the desert of Zin. It is called "the rock" ( Judges 1:36). When Amaziah of Judah took it he called it Joktheel (also spelled Jokteel ( JPS) and Jectehel ( DRB)) (q.v.) (, Jiqhat-’Ēl, "the blessedness of God" or "subdued by God"; ) or Kathoel in the Septuagint. It is mentioned by the prophets ( Isaiah 15:1; 16:1; Obadiah 1:3) as doomed to destruction.

Sela is identified with the ruins of Sela, east of Tafileh in Jordan (identified as biblical Tophel) and near Bozrah, all Edomite cities in the mountains of Edom.

Sela appears in later history and in the Vulgate under the name of Petra. "The caravan of all ages, from the interior of Arabia and from the Persian Gulf, from Hadhramaut on the ocean, and even from Sabea ( Sheba) or Yemen, appear to have pointed to Petra as a common centre; and from Petra the tide seems again to have branched out in every direction, to Egypt, Palestine, and Syria, through Arsinoe, Gaza, Tyre, Jerusalem, and Damascus, and by other routes, terminating at the Mediterranean Sea." (See Edom [2].)

Selá (Vopnafjörður)

Selá is a river in Vopnafjörður, Iceland, and one of Iceland's most exclusive rivers for salmon angling.

Selá river is originated from many small rivers coming from the highlands, which run from a mountain area called Dimmufjallgarður (Dark Mountains).

Originally the salmon could go about 20 km up the river. However, two fish ladders have been built in the river adding about 18 more kilometers to the stretch the salmon can run up for spawning. The first ladder was built in 1967 and the second in 2011.

Selá is visited by a number of Icelandic and foreign anglers every summer. In 2004, "The Golden Bear" golf champion Jack Nicklaus fished Selá, and in July 2006 former US president George H. W. Bush spent several days angling.

Icelandic Entrepreneur Orri Vigfússon leads conservation efforts at Selá.

Sela (Saudi Arabia)

Sela is a mountain in Medina in modern Saudi Arabia.

Mount selae in the "District of the Seven Mosques" in city of Medina Municipality in Saudi Arabia. Sela' means "sliced", because the mountain looks as if it is sliced several times.

"The Prophet Muhammad in the " Battle of the Trench" prayed to God for victory on Mount Sela'. Mount Sela was mentioned by several Hadith of the stories of the Prophet such as The Prayer for Rain, The forgiveness of Ka'b b. malik.

Sela is mentioned by Al-Hamdani in his book Geography of Arabian Peninsula as part of Medina city in his time 150 years after Muhammad. His name and his companions Umar and Ali are inscribed on a stone on top of the mountain.

Usage examples of "sela".

Despite her keen hearing, Sela still had to lean forward to hear everything he was saying.

Then Sela turned on her heel and walked out without so much as a word having been exchanged.

He figured it would benefit him more to keep his mouth shut and allow Sela to put forward the suppositions.

It had since become clear to Riker that this Sela was that pupil, and more, that Sela had had dealings with Picard, Will Riker, and the Enterprise.

Kressn had his uses and his functions, which Sela had found out firsthand.

He had to remember the goal that he had set himself: to find out what Sela was up to, and figure out a way to thwart it.

As Worf struggled, he saw Sela dragging Deanna, a disrupter to her head, through the hole.

As they did, Sela sidled up to Riker and ran a finger along the curve of his jaw.

Once we have located the entrance into their lair, we sneak in, find Sela, capture her, use her in a hostage exchange to retrieve Alexander and Deanna, return to the scout ship, and leave the area after alerting Starfleet to their presence.

Then the door slid open and he saw Sela standing there, fully dressed.

It was very subtle, but something that Sela could easily have seen out of the corner of her eye and made a mental note of.

Tom was now extremely vulnerable: If Sela asked for further clarification, there was no way that Tom was going to be able to dodge it.

And then, to his relief, Sela simply nodded, apparently satisfied with the responses she had gotten.

Kressn very subtly shook his head and Sela turned back to Will with confidence.

Even the stoic Klingon seemed horrified by the scope of what Sela was discussing so calmly.