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Volf tried to look innocent as he meekly followed Sair toward the armory, but he watched his grey-haired leader worriedly.

Headquartered in Tehran, SAIRI was under the chairmanship of Muhammad Baqir al Hakim, a prominent clergyman whose father had been the leading ayatollah of Iraq in the 1960s.

In the bogs ah dae a long pish, huvin tae bend ma cock really sair soas ah dinnae pish oan the flair which smells ay sick n disinfectant.

A man may fecht stoutly his lee lane, but he is sair trauchled by a wife.

I canna help bein glaid that I had him, and to tyne him has gien me an unco sair hert!

The wife was sair concerned, but she jaloused it would be Presbytery business.

Era isso mesmo, a menina era realmente linda, mas eu devia sair logo dali.

Mr father urged me sair, But my mither didna speak, Though she looked into my face, Till my heart was like to break.

The puir beast would drift south on some floe, and it was sair hurt, for Sandy said it had a hole in its throat ye could put your nieve in.

Encontrou a cerca de arame farpado cortada no ponto por onde abriram passagem para entrar e sair da fazenda.

Bart and Wiar carried in their third carcass, Sair whistled the warning from the barricades.

Ele faz aliar a intimidade e o decoro, e mostra a casa toda sem sair da sala.

He telled me it was the bonniest bit God ever made, but sair defiled by man.

Mickle thocht we o' the gentles ayont the sea, an' sair grat we for a' frien's we kent lang syne in oor ain countree.

It was a wirin' diagram, and sair ancient, too, for there were symbols for thermionic valves -- vacuum tubes -- in it.