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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sess \Sess\, v. t. [Aphetic form of assess. See Assess, Cess.] To lay a tax upon; to assess. [Obs.]


Sess \Sess\, n. A tax; an assessment. See Cess. [Obs.]


n. (context obsolete English) A tax; an assessment. vb. (context obsolete transitive English) To lay a tax upon; to assess.


n. street names for marijuana [syn: pot, grass, green goddess, dope, weed, gage, sens, smoke, skunk, locoweed, Mary Jane]

Usage examples of "sess".

She had not been pretty, but she was exceedingly dainty, and possessed of a certain elegance of carriage which attracted.

My mother and I had planned to cross our headland and travel around by sledge to Sessing, a neighboring farmstead, where our cousin Ristil worked.

There were no farms between our own and Sessing to give us fire and shelter.

We took my mother on to Sessing because it was too far to take her home.

High in the great seat, closest to the fire, sat Finnulf, who owned Sessing, with his wife Thorvi beside him, and guests from other farmsteads around them.

How he died in a raid, and how his daughter married, and how she had made the voyage to the northwest homelands, close by Sessing, with her husband and his people.

I ended by praising Finnulf and Thorvi for honoring my mother with so fine a funeral, and asking if I might repay them in some small way by staying on at Sessing till the spring, doing such work as Thorvi should see fit to give me.

Then I heard shouting and screaming and all the dogs of Sessing barking, and the hall glowed red behind me.

I cried, because my journey to Sessing was ending on the gallows tree.

Death came hungry to Sessing that night, and went off with stuffed guts, but I was not the feast.

And all the while I thought also of Sessing and of all who lived, and maybe died, there.

I had not seen slaves before I came to Sessing, except for once when I was little and traders passed our farm, traveling from far inland with prisoners to sell in the south.

She made me tell her again and then again about the journey and the wolves, about Sessing and Gullveig and the funeral.

It was a fine place, not so grand as Sessing, nor so old, but far bigger than Smolsund.

He now knew that the whole secret of manhood did not consist in pos sessing a great strong body.