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n. 1 (plural of set English) 2 (context informal English) set theory. vb. (en-third-person singular of: set)

Usage examples of "sets".

It has always been my opinion that when a man sets himself determinedly to do something, and thinks of nought but his design, he must succeed despite all difficulties in his path: such an one may make himself Pope or Grand Vizier, he may overturn an ancient line of kings--provided that he knows how to seize on his opportunity, and be a man of wit and pertinacity.

She shewed me all she had left, which only amounted to some sets of linen and three or four dresses.

The rings fled away and collided, entangled with other sets roiling from elsewhere, their vast confluence a sea of quivering, mercuric energy.

In violation of the Law of the Major Balance, you could only be killed, which sets the stinging thorn in the rose.

We are charged with the greater burden of your safety, and our loyal oath to your husband sets us in conflict.

For the initiate mage, the drawing of runes sets the self in accord, preparing the channel through which invoked power will flow.

He mounted it on a spindle inside the Maestro, and began feeding the end of the tape through several sets of rollers and guides.

Warming it sets up internal stresses in the crystals causing their synapse-like behavior.

Now, it is very strange, the sun has gone mad, for he sets every day at a different hour.

The stranger who sets his foot on English soil has need of a good deal of patience.

The necessary linen was kept in a large press, and in another was the silver plate and several sets of china.

Javan, feigning far more confidence than he felt, returned to his comparison of the two sets of documents.

It will also take care of any vestigial headache that might creep up on you, if any afterreaction sets in.

But I noticed right off that Hobbes had clothed her in three sets of pantaloons.

Inside the apartment he removed the two sets of female clothing, took them to the foyer and hung them neatly on adjacent hooks, placing a duplicate door key in the side pockets of each coat.