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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Saut \Saut\, Saute \Saute\, n. An assault. [Obs.]

Usage examples of "saut".

The famous Huron, Kondiaronk, or the Rat, was present, as were also a few Ottawas, Abenakis, and converts of the Saut and the Mountain.

Charles, from the great cliff called the Saut au Matelot to the palace of the intendant.

At length, before dawn on the morning of the sixteenth, the sentinels on the Saut au Matelot could descry the slowly moving lights of distant vessels.

Of these red allies there were several hundred: Abenakis and Algonquins from Sillery, Hurons from Lorette, and converted Iroquois from the Jesuit mission of Saut St.

On their left were the Iroquois converts from the missions of Saut St.

It consisted of two hundred and ten men, of whom ninety-six were Indian converts, chiefly from the two mission villages of Saut St.

Francis became villages of Abenaki Christians, like the village of Iroquois Christians at Saut St.

Lawrence, and then, when the ice broke up, to move in large bands to the banks of the former stream, and lie in ambush at the Chaudiere, the Long Saut, or other favorable points, to waylay the passing canoes.

All the mission Indians in the colony were invited to join it, the Iroquois of the Saut and Mountain, Abenakis from the Chaudiere, Hurons from Lorette, and Algonquins from Three Rivers.

A young Dutchman who had been captured three years before at Schenectady, and whom the Indians of the Saut had imprudently brought with them, ran off in the night, and carried the alarm to the English.

Then they sent another deputation, partly to him and partly to their Christian countrymen of the Saut and the Mountain, inviting all alike to come and treat with them at Onondaga.

The dignitaries of the colony were present, with priests, Jesuits, Recollets, officers, and the Christian chiefs of the Saut and the Mountain.

Place onion, celery, peppers, parsley, green onion and grated carot in and saut until onion starts to turn clear.

Dredge squirrel in seasoned flour and saut in hor fat until brown on all sides.

I could wager her price to a thretty pennies, that for twa or three wooks ridin at fifty miles a day, the deil-stricket a five gallopers acqueesh Clyde and Whithorn could cast saut on her tail.