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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Salm \Salm\, n. Psalm. [Obs2E]
--Piers Plowman.


n. (obsolete form of psalm English)

Salm (Amblève)
For a river in Germany, tributary to the Moselle, see Salm (Moselle).

The Salm is a river in eastern Belgium (provinces of Liège and Luxembourg), left tributary to the river Amblève. Its source is in the Ardennes, close to the border with Luxembourg near Bovigny. The Salm flows through the municipalities Gouvy, Vielsalm and Trois-Ponts, where it joins the river Amblève. It was also fought over in World War II. The 106th Golden Lions Division of the United States Army held the river until overrun by the Germans. Some of the men ran into the river to get away from the Germans and made it across successfully.

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Salm (state)

Salm is the name of several historic countships and principalities in present Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

Salm (Moselle)

The Salm is a 63 km-long river in western Germany ( Rhineland-Palatinate), a left-bank tributary to the river Moselle. It rises in the Eifel, near the village of Salm, south of Gerolstein. The Salm flows generally south, through Großlittgen, Dreis, and Salmtal. It passes west of Wittlich. It empties into the Moselle in Klüsserath.

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Salm (Shahnameh)

Salm is a character in the Persian epic Shahnameh. He is the oldest son of legendary hero and king Fereydun. It is believed that his name was given to him by his father, after Salm chooses to seek safety and run instead of fighting the dragon that had attacked him and his brothers (the dragon was Fereydun himself who had disguised himself to test his sons).

When Fereydun decides to divide his kingdom among his sons, he gives Salm Anatolia and West. Salm and his brother Tur become jealous of their younger brother Iraj. They combine their forces against him and eventually murder the young prince. Years later Iraj’s grandson Manuchehr avenges his grandfather’s death by killing both Salm and Tur.

Usage examples of "salm".

A month was spent assembling this force, but finally on the twenty-fourth of September, 1529, Count Nicholas von Salm had arrived in Vienna with eight thousand professional fighting men and took command of the defense.

Danube, von Salm would have arrived much too late to be anything more than a harrassing spectator at the siege of Vienna.

And make this look good -- all the landsknecht captains and lieutenants are meeting with von Salm and the city council at the Zimmermann Inn tomorrow morning to ask for more money, so I want you lads to look like indispensable professionals.

The tall, armored figure of von Salm himself was visible, bestowing last-minute afterthoughts on the warriors.

Ignoring an admonitory bark from von Salm, Duffy sat down on the masonry and stared back at the high walls of Vienna.

When the sweating footsoldiers had done as he ordered, and leaned the suit of armor in a standing position against the wall, von Salm had them light the cord that dangled from the empty helmet.

Before Duffy could answer, von Salm had flicked the reins of his horse and the several columns got under way, marching at a slow, easy walk west, toward the high city walls.

Then there was the drumming of hoof-beats from the east, and von Salm raised his hand to check the instinctive increase in speed.

They could hear the Carinthian gate being opened as they rounded the southeast corner, and von Salm, swaying in his saddle, did not object when they all quickened their pace.

Count von Salm, ostensibly in charge, paced the street and watched all the activity, content to let experts pursue their crafts.

Turkish lines, ready at the first sign of offensive movement to signal von Salm and the bellringer in the St.

At four the haggard von Salm climbed the stone stairs of the wall at the Schwarzenbergstrasse and walked a hundred yards west along the catwalk to confer with the hunchbacked bombardier.

Their narrow and drafty vantage point was not the highest or most easily accessible, but von Salm and various military advisors had two weeks ago sealed off and taken possession of the platform that commanded the best view.

Agnes du Salm had promised to look after her, but Agnes was flighty and never lacked for escorts while her husband was away.

Agnes du Salm said iweetly, leaning forward so that the hood of her cloak fell lightly back from her face.