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SEPA may refer to:

  • The Single Euro Payments Area, a payment-integration initiative of the European Union
  • The Scottish Environment Protection Agency
  • The SEPTA transportation authority reporting mark
  • State Environmental Protection Administration, former name of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People's Republic of China
  • The Seton Leather Company of Pennsylvania, an automotive leather company

Sepa may refer to:

  • Sepa language (Papua New Guinea)
  • A lake in 108 Mile Ranch, British Columbia
  • Sepa, Lääne-Saare Parish, village in Lääne-Saare Parish, Saare County, Estonia
  • Sepa, Pihtla Parish, village in Pihtla Parish, Saare County, Estonia
  • Sepa (priest), an Ancient Egyptian, who lived during Third dynasty
  • Sepa (skipper), a genus of skippers in the family Hesperiidae
Sepa (skipper)

Sepa is a genus of skippers that lives in the family Hesperiidae.

Sepa (priest)

Sepa was an Ancient Egyptian, who lived during Third dynasty.

Sepa was a priest and noble. His titles were "Responsible for Royal Matters", "Greatest of the ten of Upper Egypt", "Priest of the god Kherty" and "Herdsman of the White Bull".

Sepa's wife was Nesa, and she was buried with him at Saqqara in a mastaba. Two statues of him and one of his wife were found in their grave and are now in the musée du Louvre in Paris. These statues are amongst the masterpieces of the art of the Old Kingdom.