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n. (context India English) A mother-in-law, especially the mother of the groom, who lives with the married couple.


Saas, SAAS, or SaaS may refer to:

  • Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • Société Anonyme des Ateliers de Sécheron, a Swiss manufacturing company
  • Social Accountability Accreditation Services that accredits according to the SA8000 certification standard
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • South Australian Ambulance Service
  • Sports Association for Adelaide Schools, a school sports association in South Australia
  • Student Awards Agency for Scotland
Saas (Rhaetian Railway station)

Saas is a station on the Landquart-Davos railway line.

The station is served hourly by RE3 trains in each direction.

There is currently one platform at Saas station.

  • RE3 - 1tph
  • R21 - 1tph (early mornings/late evenings only)

[[File:Saas Rhaetian Railway Station.jpg|thumb|This is a photo of the Saas Rhaetian Railway in Switzerland.]]