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n. A large hall or reception room.

Sala (architecture)

A sala ( ; ), also known as a sala Thai, is an open pavilion, used as a meeting place and to protect people from sun and rain. Most are open on all four sides. They are found throughout Thailand in Buddhist temple areas, or Wats, although they can also be located in other places. A person who builds a sala at a temple or in a public place gains religious merit. A sala located in a temple is called a salawat (ศาลาวัด). Some temples have large salas where laity can hear sermons or receive religious instructions. These are called sala kan parian (ศาลาการเปรียญ), meaning pavilion where monks learn for the Parian examination. The city halls or offices of the province governors are called sala wa kan (ศาลาว่าการ, literally meaning a government pavilion) or sala klang changwat (ศาลากลางจังหวัด, literally meaning a provincial main pavilion).

In Thailand, they have many purposes similar to the roadside pavilions of Asoka. In rural areas, travelers can use them to rest and reflect. These salas are called sala asai. One at the roadside is a sala rim thanon (ศาลาริ่มถนน) and may be used as a bus stop. If on a riverbank or canal at a landing-place for watercraft, they are called sala tha nam (ศาลาท่าน้ำ “water pier pavilions”).


Šaľa (; , ) is a town in south-western Slovakia.

Sala (Diocese)

Sala or Salena is a suppressed, vacant and titular see of the Roman Catholic church.

The town of Sala is identifiable with Kepecik in today's west Turkey , but in antiquity was an ancient episcopal see of the Roman province of Lydia in Asia Minor . It was part of the Patriarchate of Constantinople during Byzantine times and was suffragan of ' Archdiocese of Sardis

Sala is not mentioned by Michel Lequien in his work Oriens Christianus but a bishop Stephen is recorded in the episcopal lists of the second Second Council of Nicaea.

Sala survives today as titular bishop ; the seat has been vacant since 27 January 1962.

Usage examples of "sala".

Quando entrei na sala de embarque, ainda os olhei carinhosamente mais uma vez.

Petyr, Salas, Peaen, Emme, and others seized more of the heavy drums of lamp oil and began tipping and pouring them.

Peaen falling, beautiful Emme having her arm torn off by a voynix and then burning to death in a ditch with Reman, Salas dead, Laman struck down.

Ada lift the girl, and they headed toward the house still more than a hundred feet away, with Laman leading the way and Loes, Salas, and the petite Oelleo giving them protection on each side with their shields.

She was certain that it would be in Bato Sala Rouge, and that being the case there were only so maii possibilities.

Gold from Zimbao and Punt, ivory from the southern plains of grass or from the forests along the great river, hides and dried meat, salted fish from the lakes, wine and oil from the terraced gardens of Zeng, copper from the hills of Tuya, and salt from pans along the west shores of the lakes, tin from the juncture of the two rivers, corn from the middle kingdom in baskets of woven cane, sun stones from the southern river of the crocodile, iron bars from the mines of Sala - and slaves, thousands upon thousands of human beings treated as domestic animals.

Ele faz aliar a intimidade e o decoro, e mostra a casa toda sem sair da sala.

Fomos todos para a sala, menos Jade, que, ouvindo o choro do filho, foi para o quarto.

George Augustus Sala at a banquet given in his honor by the Lotos Club, January 10, 1885.

Liv passeava com a menina muito falante pelas salas ornamentadas para a festa.

Norman Clark, for his expertise of old cars, Ashley Randle, Market Manager, Monteleone Hotel, Andrea Thornton, Director of Sales and Marketing, Monteleone Hotel, Dianne, Louise, Donna, Shannon, for my medical answers and to Peter for his wonderful letter on his grandmother who lost a leg during the war, Kay Steere and to Siliva Salas, for all my aircraft answers.

Nina launched into her motion, which essentially said that Salas should step down until some real lower court could hear the case, on grounds that the defendant would otherwise be denied his right to appeal to a higher court.

Judge Salas asked about the witnesses and how long the hearing might last, and cast an incredulous look at Nina when told Wish would testify.

Judge Salas looked through the court file for this token correctness and found it.

Nina said, watching for a reaction from Salas, who gave her only his attention.