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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sat \Sat\ (s[a^]t), imp. of Sit. [Written also sate.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"to satisfy, surfeit," c.1600, alteration (by influence of Latin satiare "satiate") of Middle English saden "become satiated; satiate," from Old English sadian "to satiate, fill; be sated, get wearied," from Proto-Germanic *sadon "to satisfy, sate," from root *sa- "to satisfy" (see sad (adj.)). Related: Sated; sating.


Etymology 1 vb. To satisfy the appetite or desire of; to fill up. Etymology 2

vb. (context dated English) (en-simple past of: sit) Etymology 3

n. satay


v. fill to satisfaction; "I am sated" [syn: satiate, replete, fill]

Usage examples of "sate".

As he sate thus, with his dark eye turned towards the scowling and blackening heaven, a horseman rode rapidly up to him, and stopping, as if to let his horse breathe for an instant, made a sort of obeisance to the anchoret, with an air betwixt effrontery and embarrassment.

Dogs, some following such as flyed, some invading such as stood still, some tearing those which lay prostrate, but generally there were none which escaped cleare: Behold upon this another danger ensued, the Inhabitants of the Towne stood in their garrets and windowes, throwing great stones upon our heads, that wee could not tell whether it were best for us to avoyd the gaping mouthes of the Dogges at hand or the perill of the stones afarre, amongst whome there was one that hurled a great flint upon a woman, which sate upon my backe, who cryed out pitiously, desiring her husband to helpe her.

The early-morning visitor left just as Bessy, a young bondswoman, brought Sate his breakfast.

Here, Bowler explained, was the Neutral, where goods were bartered, defense alliances forged, conspiracies birthed, feuds resolved, curiosity sated, and contracts for joint expeditions made.

When Sate finally spoke to Doxy he had already shrugged into his coat and picked up his rifle.

It was the first time Sate had ever spoken this kindly to Doxy and the young squaw read promise in his tone.

The next morning Doxy leaned against the doorway and watched Sate ride away, the stallion eager to run, the little pack horse that followed not as anxious.

It is this man, his enemies at home the sated Parisian, who knew a gusto in living greater than that of any English writer since Borrow.

Had to be disgust, because she was too sated from making love with Jebel for it to be anything more intimate.

Jim Morrison onstage in full leather regalia, clutching a microphone, a softly lit, expertly retouched studio publicity still of Lawrence Harvey, a sultry James Dean exuding the scary longeur of the temporarily sated predator, a grainy shot of T.

It was lusciously rich, like honey and cream, and his beast wanted to shove its muzzle between those silky, pussy-pink lips, burying its tongue up the tight, constricted channel of muscle, until those earthy juices flowed freely down his throat, sating his hunger.

They would have to get out of here, because when the nickelodeon became sated, the nickelpedes would swarm, and that would be doom for any normally fleshed creatures.

When Conscience lulls her sated snake, And Tyrants sleep, let Freedom wake.

High on the left bank above the cataracts they made their way, buffeted by the wind that leaped and charged among the crags, their ears sated with the roaring sound of waters, their eyes filled with the spray blown upward.

Had she melted for him, opened to him, become soft and sated by his lovemaking?