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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
long-running saga
▪ a long-running saga
▪ The announcement is the latest move in a long and complex saga.
▪ Now the suits get into our very parlours in Capital City, a long running television saga of banking folk.
▪ But no one ever mentions two things which seem to me of prime importance in the whole relationship saga.
▪ For some reason, the whole extraordinary saga of San Diego and Tijuana during Prohibition has been forgotten.
▪ This whole saga ruins any faith you had in the game.
▪ You get a whole medical saga from those few words.
▪ This whole saga has been running for 60 years.
▪ In the whole sorry saga, West Bromwich Albion were one of the few parties to emerge with dignity.
▪ Chang's novel is the real-life saga of a Chinese family.
▪ Getting here from Milwaukee was a real saga.
▪ Her saga of the rise and fall of a powerful family dynasty was a great commercial success.
▪ The novel is a historical saga, set in Tudor times.
▪ But it is also a saga of human avarice and the abuse of power.
▪ For some reason, the whole extraordinary saga of San Diego and Tijuana during Prohibition has been forgotten.
▪ His saga could distract and entertain, guilt-free, for years.
▪ Let me update you on my social security saga.
▪ Meridon is linked to the aforementioned Lacey sagas, but its plot is self-contained.
▪ Our Susan and Vera saga in Bewley's is not that far-fetched and it replaces negative comment in many cases.
▪ Stay tuned, because the Carrey saga should get interesting.
▪ We have a crucial role to play in the unfolding of the sagas.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sagum \Sa"gum\, n.; pl. Saga. [L. sagum, sagus; cf. Gr. ?. Cf. Say a kind of serge.] (Rom. Antiq.) The military cloak of the Roman soldiers.


Saga \Sa"ga\ (s[=a]"g[.a]), n.; pl. Sagas (-g[.a]z). [Icel., akin to E. saw a saying. See Say, and cf. Saw.] A Scandinavian legend, or heroic or mythic tradition, among the Norsemen and kindred people; a northern European popular historical or religious tale of olden time.

And then the blue-eyed Norseman told A saga of the days of old.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1709, an antiquarians' revival to describe the medieval prose narratives of Iceland and Norway, from Old Norse saga "saga, story," cognate with Old English sagu "a saying" (see saw (n.2)). Properly, a narrative composition of Iceland or Norway in the Middle Ages, or one that has their characteristics. Meaning "long, convoluted story" is from 1857.


n. 1 An Old Norse (Icelandic) prose narrative, especially one dealing with family or social histories and legends. 2 Something with the qualities of such a saga; an epic, a long story.


n. a narrative telling the adventures of a hero or a family; originally (12th to 14th centuries) a story of the families that settled Iceland and their descendants but now any prose narrative that resembles such an account

Saga (disambiguation)

Sagas are stories in Old Norse about ancient Scandinavian and Germanic history.

Saga may also refer to:


SaGa may refer to:

  • Makai Toushi Sa·Ga, a video game known as The Final Fantasy Legend outside Japan
  • SaGa (series), a video game series by Square Enix
SaGa (series)

is a series of science fiction open world role-playing video games produced by Square (now Square Enix). The series originated on the Game Boy in 1989 as the creation of Akitoshi Kawazu. It has since continued across multiple platforms, from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System to the PlayStation 2. The series is notable for its emphasis on open world exploration, non-linear branching plots, and occasionally unconventional gameplay. This distinguished the series from most of Square's titles. There are currently nine games in the SaGa series, along with several ports and enhanced remakes.

Saga (album)

Saga is the first studio album by the Canadian progressive rock band Saga and was originally released in June 1978.

Saga (event)

Saga is an annual musical festival organized by Royal College Colombo. The first SAGA was held in 2004 and since then has become an important event on Colombo's cultural calendar. It is named after the ancient Greek epic poems the Odyssey and the Iliad attributed to Homer. In the aspect of oriental music the term referred to the oriental version of sing musical scales as ‘Sa’ refers to the oriental equivalent of the 1st degree- “Do” while “Ga” refers to the equivalent of the 3rd degree, or “Me”

SAGA (play)

SAGA is a play written and directed by Kirjan Waage and Gwendolyn Warnock, performed by Wakka Wakka Productions in collaboration with Nordland Visual Theatre. According to Wakka Wakka's website, SAGA features 30 puppets, ranging from 3 inches to 10 feet, portrayed by an international cast of puppeteers from Iceland, Norway, Ireland, and the US'.

Saga (genus)

Saga is a genus of bush crickets (family Tettigoniidae) containing around 15 species.

Saga (band)

Saga are a Canadian rock band, formed in Oakville, Ontario. Jim Crichton and Welsh-born vocalist Michael Sadler have been the principal songwriters for Saga. Ian Crichton is the band's guitarist; apart from his work with Saga, he has recorded several solo albums as well as sessions with Asia. The band's keyboardist, Scottish-born Jim "Daryl" Gilmour, joined Saga in December 1979 after Greg Chadd left the band in August 1979 (Chadd joined Saga in December 1978 after original member Peter Rochon left the band to become a full-time music equipment company executive shortly after the band's first album was released).

After the 2003 Marathon tour, Steve Negus, Saga's original drummer, announced his retirement. Christian Simpson, a Canadian-American, replaced Negus for 2004's Network album, until sidelined by a neurological condition that affected his drumming. In late 2005, former Helix member Brian Doerner became Saga's third drummer in as many years. Doerner suffered a heart attack in 2007 and was replaced by Chris Sutherland (of the Kim Mitchell Band) for the 10,000 Days Tour and Contact DVD, more recently Mike Thorne has joined the band. Lead singer Michael Sadler left Saga for family reasons at the end of the 2007 tour. Rob Moratti replaced Sadler in April 2008, after an Internet talent search, spanning Europe and both Americas, failed to yield a potential lead vocalist. On January 28, 2011, an official statement was made announcing Michael Sadler's return as the lead singer of Saga. Saga have been awarded gold and platinum albums worldwide and have sold more than 8 million albums.

Saga (singer)

Saga (born 1975) is a Swedish white nationalist singer-songwriter. She started as the vocalist for Symphony of Sorrow, but has since become known for her tribute CDs to the band Skrewdriver, her solo projects, and for her softer physical representation of the white nationalist message.

The Discovery Times Channel described Saga as a performer who "targets the mainstream by softening her image, while still maintaining her ideology." She has been described as the "Swedish Madonna of the far right." Saga said to the Discovery Times Channel, "What makes me different is I think that I'm a lot more mainstream looking in that I'm very much toned down compared to the other ones. It's not in your clothes. It's not in the way you dress. It's not in your appearance. It's what's in your heart. It's a lot easier for the mainstream public to see themselves in me, than to see themselves in a Skingirl."

Saga was featured on the front cover of the Fall 2000 edition of Resistance Magazine, a United States neo-Nazi publication. Shaun Walker of the National Alliance, a United States white power advocacy group, wrote: "... just having her in front of the camera helps our Cause. But, she also is quite good at interviews. She comes across as the girl-next-door, who also understands the dynamics of racial conflict."

In 2007, Saga released the CD On My Own which includes the song "Goodbye David Lane," a variant of " Candle in the Wind".

Saga and her music were mentioned by Anders Behring Breivik in the compendium (or manifesto) that he e-mailed to 1,003 addresses about 90 minutes before he detonated a bomb in Oslo on July 22, 2011. He referred to her as "the world's best and most talented English speaking patriotic musician". In response to this, Saga posted an official statement on her website condemning Breivik's actions, saying "It has come to my attention that my music has been cited ... as going some way to inspiring one of the most vile and criminal acts in recent history. I cannot begin to describe how saddened I am to hear that and wanted to inform you all of my shock and utter horror at such an atrocity." In an interview with ethnomusicologist Benjamin R. Teitelbaum following Breivik's attacks, Saga added, "What I want is for people to listen to my music and go, ‘Oh, she feels the same. I’m not alone.’ My music should be an option for normal people who feel that there is something wrong, but they don’t have to go out and get punched in the nose for it."

Saga (2008 video game)

Saga is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game ( MMORTS). Saga is touted as the world's first collectible online real-time strategy game. It was also named the most anticipated release of 2008 by TCGPlayer. Saga was released on March 4, 2008 after a brief Open Beta which began February 26, 2008. Developed by Wahoo Studios and Silverlode Interactive, the game ran a closed Beta starting July 5, 2007. The title has no subscription fees, instead being supported by the release of booster or expansion packs. It is possible to play a free version of the game, with certain features locked, at the Saga official site.

Saga launched into hobby stores around the US and Canada following GAMA 2008. SAGA has partnered with Alliance Game Distributors, GTS Distribution, Diamond Comics and ACD Distribution, with an emphasis to focus on game and card stores to sell the booster packs.

Programmer Dallan Christensen (Lead Programmer of Starcraft: Brood War) was lead programmer contracted by Wahoo Studios in the development of Saga.

Saga (comic book)

Saga is an epic space opera/ fantasy comic book series written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples, published monthly by the American company Image Comics. The series is heavily influenced by Star Wars and is based on ideas Vaughan conceived both as a child and as a parent. It depicts a husband and wife, Alana and Marko, from long-warring extraterrestrial races, fleeing authorities from both sides of a galactic war as they struggle to care for their daughter, Hazel, who is born in the beginning of the series and who occasionally narrates the series as an unseen adult.

The comic was described in solicitations as "Star Wars meets Game of Thrones," and by critics as evocative of both science fiction and fantasy epics such as The Lord of the Rings and classic works like Romeo & Juliet. It is Vaughan's first creator-owned work to be published through Image Comics, and represents the first time he employs narration in his comics writing.

The first issue of Saga was published on March 14, 2012, to positive reviews and a sold-out first printing. It was published in trade paperback form in October 2012. It has also been a consistent sales success, with its collected editions outselling those of The Walking Dead, another successful Image comic.

The series has been met with wide critical acclaim, and is one of the most celebrated comics being published. It has also garnered numerous awards, including a number of Eisner and Harvey Awards in 2013, 2014 and 2015. The first trade paperback collection won the 2013 Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story. It has also been noted for its diverse portrayal of ethnicity, sexuality and gender social roles, and for its treatment of war.

Saga (cheese)

Saga cheese is a mix of blue cheese and brie, originated in Denmark, a creamy, blue-veined cheese with a white-mould rind. Saga is a very mild blue-veined cheese. It comes with a delicate blue mold, that may not appear in other varieties of blue cheeses. It is aged for more than 60 days. Saga Blue cheese pairs nicely with white Riesling wines or hearty red wines.

The Saga family of cheeses, includes Blue, Blue Brie, Camembert, Creamy Brie, and Gorgonzola. Saga cheese is also largely produced and sold in America. Arla Foods is one of the largest Saga cheese producers in Denmark. Arla closed the Michigan plant that made this cheese for the U.S. market and it is no longer available.1

Usage examples of "saga".

Skafloc stood in the spray-sheeting bows and sang his warlock song, unhelmed hair flying and ragged byrnie ringing, a shape out of lost sagas and worlds beyond man.

Slayer caught the Norse imagination is shown by the many representations of this saga cycle, in stone and wood, from Sweden, Norway, and the Isle of Man.

The ancient Angles had a saga which told of the arrival in their country of a boat, evidently sailless, oarless, and rudderless, containing only a child surrounded by arms and treasure.

When they came to her on winter evenings and wet days and asked for a story, she would choose more often to tell them a fairy-tale, which only Roger liked, rather than to start one of the sagas which Richard loved, and would help to invent, concerning the adventures of the family in some previous animal existence, when they had all been rabbits and lived in a burrow in the park at Torque Hall, or crocodiles who slooshed about in the Thames mud, or lions and tigers with a lair on Kerith Island.

The saga of Gerry Brell, up to and including your little sentimental gesture, and how you feel about her.

The sketcher had left and the lab men were packing up: the sad saga of Bobby the Bookscout was just about over.

The Arthurian saga has never been a simple tale of good versus evil, but of the impossible quest within each person to live a good, fair, and just life -- and, by extension, to construct a good, fair, and just society in which to do it.

Varrus, and the narrative here, edging closer and closer to the heart of the Arthurian saga, picks up speed and sweep, particularly in the second half.

Pete Astor settled back in his chair to relate the great bootlegging saga.

She needed to rush back to her flat, perhaps to find messages from Swain women, but also to go through the Burgo Smyth saga the Faber Case yet again.

Their explanation will not be found in the annals of Japan, the triads of the Cymric bards, nor the sagas of Icelandic skalds, but in the propensity of the human mind to attribute its own origin and culture to that white-shining orient where sun, moon, and stars, are daily born in renovated glory, to that fair mother, who, at the cost of her own life, gives light and joy to the world, to the brilliant womb of Aurora, the glowing bosom of the Dawn.

Set on stormy Cape Breton Island off Nova Scotia, Fall on Your Knees is an internationally acclaimed multigenerational saga that chronicles the lives of four unforgettable sisters.

ANGELS: A Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs appeared in 1967 has there been such a thorough account.

A former public relations executive, industrial filmmaker, and ghostwriter, he has been writing fiction on and off for some thirty years under an assortment of pen names, ranging from espionage novels to historical sagas.

Amber Graustark, author of the seventeen-volume De Toqueville saga, which traced that fictitious and doom-laden family from medieval England to nineteenth-century Mexico.