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Seko is an area set in a backdrop of paddy fields, prairie with the Uro and Betue river, flowing along the bamboo lined banks. It is located 135 km from Masamba and is one of the hamlets of North Luwu, South Sulawesi province which distinctly varies in the pollution of the city to the serene forest sidelines by prairie.

The height of the village is about 1200 - 1800 meter from sea level, temperature 16 - 26 degree Celsius. The name Seko originates from the fact that this was once a village of resin or damar although there is no sign of any such tradesman here in recent times. Seko is surrounded by Kambuno on its east, Malimongan on its west and Baba lie on its center. The main occupation of people is farm and ranch. Besides paddy field, toddy tapping is a widely followed practice in Seko due to abundance of aren palms in this village.