It’s impossible to know everything. There are complex technical terms. Geographical objects sometimes cause difficulties; you are not supposed to study the globe carefully.

For such cases our site offers the perfect solution ‒ word search by mask. Looking for the necessary concepts in this way, you will not only get satisfaction from solving a crossword puzzle, but also significantly expand your horizons. Erudition and awareness are of great value nowadays.

Word Search by Mask

How to search words by mask:

  1. Set the desired length of the word using the “plus” and “minus” options.
  2. Enter the letters you know in the boxes. They should be arranged in the same sequence as in the word.
  3. Find the word by mask and by letters.
  4. If the search result offers you a lot of words and you do not know which one is right for you, visit the section “Meanings of Words” and find out its meaning.

Word search with us is easy and convenient