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alt. (abbreviation of service English) n. (abbreviation of service English)


Serv or SERV may refer to:

  • Chrysler SERV, a single-stage to orbit rocket design submitted for the Space Shuttle contest
  • Serv, Iran, a village in Yazd Province, Iran
  • Serv (imprint), an imprint of the German group VDM Publishing devoted to the reproduction of Wikipedia content
  • SERV (charity), a charity based in England which provides a volunteer medical courier service for local hospitals
SERV (charity)

Service by Emergency Rider Volunteers, or SERV, is a Blood Bikes charity based in England, whose volunteers provide a motorcycle courier service, free of charge to the National Health Service. SERV was established in 1981.

The charity's volunteers work outside normal office hours and use either their own or the charity's dedicated response motorcycles to transport items such as blood for transfusion, blood samples for pathological or microbiological analysis, drugs, patient notes, x-rays, scans, medical equipment, samples, vaccines and donated human breast milk.

SERV is one of a number of charities which provide a service across the UK. It is a founder member of the Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes (NABB), and works closely with other NABB members such as Freewheelers EVS (Bristol), Severn Freewheelers when transport over longer distances is required.