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Etymology 1 alt. (context obsolete English) senna. n. (context obsolete English) senna. Etymology 2

n. A unit of currency equivalent to a hundredth of a Samoan tala


n. 100 sene equal 1 tala


Sène (many variations) is a Serer patronym in Senegal. Personalities with this surname include:

  • Yandé Codou Sène, (1932-1910) Senegalese singer
  • Oumar Sène, (1959) a former football midfielder
  • Fama Diagne Sène, (1969) Senegalese writer
Sene (Ghana parliament constituency)

Felix Twumasi-Appiah NDC is the member of parliament for the constituency. He was elected on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and won a majority of 3,598 votes to become the MP. He had also represented the constituency in the 4th Republic parliament.

Usage examples of "sene".

The introductory to writte and pronounce frenche, compiled by Alexander Barcley, in which k is moche vsed, and many other thynges also by hym affirmed, contrary to my sayenges in this boke, and specially in my seconde, where I shall assaye to expresse the declinations and coniugatynges with the other congruites obserued in the frenche tonge, I suppose it sufficient to warne the lernar, that I haue red ouer that boke at length: and what myn opinion is therin, it shall well inough apere in my bokes selfe, though I make therof no ferther expresse mencion: saue that I haue sene an olde boke written in parchement, in maner in all thynkes like to his sayd Introductory: whiche, by coniecture, was not vnwritten this hundred yeres.

Heare was bifaln an horable great murtheringe battell where Thy Servaunte dyd oppresse and over-throwe with mitch dexteritee those Daemons, makynge of them so bluddie and creuell a slawghter as hathe not been sene afore not once nor twice in mans memorye, and blythely I tel you of Vizze theyr cheefe capitaine kild and ded of strips taken at Crosby felde.

And by hir beddes heed she made a mewe, And covered it with veluettes blewe, In signe of trouthe that is in wommen sene.

Hire over-lippe wyped she so clene, That in hir coppe ther was no ferthyng sene Of grece, whan she dronken hadde hir draughte.

Chaldaei stupuere senes, Cumanaque rursus Itonuit rupes, rabidae delubra Sibyllae.