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SASI (software)

SASI (Schools Administrative Student Information) or SASI Student Information System is a computer program developed by Macro Educational Computer Systems, who was acquired by National Computer Systems (NCS) and NCS was acquired by Pearson in 1997. The cross-platform system provides administrators and educators with access to student demographics, attendance, schedules, discipline, grades, extended test histories, and state reporting codes. Features of SASI include SASIxp, InteGrade Pro, classroomXP, and Parent Access. In 2003, more than 16,000 schools nationwide used the software.


SASI may refer to:

  • Shugart Associates System Interface, the first embodiment of what is now known as SCSI
  • SASI, a student information system developed by Pearson School Systems
  • Socialist Workers' Sport International, in German Sozialistische Arbeiter Sport Internationale
  • Sonoran Arthropod Studies Institute, a Tucson, Arizona educational nonprofit.
  • South Australian Sports Institute, an elite athlete training program in South Australia
  • Sutherland Astronomical Society Incorporated, an amateur astronomical society based in Sydney, Australia.
  • Swanson Analysis Systems, Inc., the name Ansys was founded under
  • Strategic Advisory Services International, a boutique M&A investment bank primarily in the technology sector
Sasi (director)

Sasi is an Indian film director, screenwriter, working primarily in Tamil cinema based in Chennai. He made his directorial debut with Sollamale in 1998 and followed it up with a series of successful romance films Roja Kootam (2002), Dishyum (2006), Poo (2008). His first action film, 555 released in August 2013 to positive reviews. His latest venture Pichaikkaran with Vijay Antony.hits theaters recently.