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He also said that, in case anything did happen to him, I was to keep Saff here and accept his aid.

Ollie Saff where he would go barefooted and almost naked in a hot tropical sun for two or three years?

Unless he was much mistaken, the boat carried Ollie Saff and a number of others.

He kept muttering while he fiddled with transmitter and held the microphone close to his lips, but scowled at Saff while he did so.

Triborough Bridge and banked around, heading out to sea, Saff heaved a grunt of satisfaction.

Sunday when Ollie Saff showed Doc Savage the muzzle of his gun, and pointed downward.

If Saff and the others return, cast off the mooring, start the plane motors and taxi down the lake away from them.

He remained where he was, keeping an intent eye on the natives in the jungle, the ones Saff had not seen.

He sat there, thinking unpleasant things about Africa, the universe in general, and Ollie Saff in particular.

Nolram and Saff violating each other, not as an expression of affection but as a desperate response to the tedium of shipboard life.

He asked if I knew of a source of saff oil, for one of the mares had a stubborn infection in one hoof and he thought he recalled his father using saff oil.

I found saff oil immediately, and sent it back to Chivalry, with instructions to wash out all her hooves with vinegar, move her into a different stall, and then apply saff oil to all four hooves, inside and out.

And with the saff oil and letter to Chivalry, I defiantly sent barley-sugar sticks, with the request that he ration them out so that no one suffered from bellyaches.