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SASE may refer to:

  • Society of Asian Scientists & Engineers, a 501.c.3 non-profit organization advocating for Asian heritage scientists and engineers
  • Sarajevo Stock Exchange, a stock exchange which operates in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Self-addressed stamped envelope, an envelope with the sender's name and address on it, with affixed paid postage
  • Self-amplified spontaneous emission, a process within a free-electron laser by which a laser beam is created by the high-energy electron beam
  • Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment, a laboratory of the Defence Research & Development Organization
  • Specific application service element, a presentation sublayer of computer networking that provides application specific services
  • Şase, the number six in the Romanian language
Sase (Višegrad)

'''Sase ''' is a village in the municipality of Višegrad, Bosnia and Herzegovina.As of 1991 it had a population of 99 people, of which 54% were ethnic Serbs.The village lies in a gorge of the Drina River.

Usage examples of "sase".

Sir, you nose very well that evere persun must luk furst at ome, and sartenly such anuther offar mite not have ever hapned, so as I shud ave bin justly to blam, had I not excepted of it when her lashipp was so veri kind as to offar to mak mee hur one uman without mi ever askin any such thing, to be sur shee is won of thee best ladis in thee wurld, and pepil who sase to the kontrari must bee veri wiket pepil in thare harts.