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Sacy may refer to:

  • (1746-94), French politician

  • (1896-1993), French civil servant

  • Louis de Sacy (1654-1727), French author and lawyer
  • Louis-Isaac Lemaistre de Sacy (1613-84), French theologian and humanist
  • Silvestre de Sacy (1758-1838), French linguist and orientalist
  • Ustazade Silvestre de Sacy (1801-79), French journalist.

Places (all of which are communes in France)

  • Sacy, Marne, in the Marne département
  • Sacy, Yonne, in the Yonne département
  • Sacy-le-Grand, in the Oise département
  • Sacy-le-Petit, in the Oise département
Other uses
  • Sacy (grape), a French wine grape
Sacy (grape)

Sacy is a white wine grape grown primarily in the central and northeastern France within the Yonne and Allier départments.

Sacy ripens early, and produces light-coloured wines low in acid and alcohol.