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n. 1 (alternative form of seif English) 2 A type of Arabian sword.

Saif (disambiguation)

A saif or scimitar is a kind of sword.

Saif may also refer to:

  • Seif dune
  • State Accident Insurance Fund
  • HL7 Services Aware Interoperability Framework
  • Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance

Usage examples of "saif".

An-Nami was one of the ablest and most talented poets of his time, but inferior to Mutanabbi, with whom he had some encounters and contests in reciting extemporary verses when they were at the court of Saif ad Dawlah together.

While interrogating the prisoners, Saif Ataya discovered that they were members of a 100-strong force from the town of Seniya, 25 miles to the east.

With the help of Saif Ataya and Nazzar, another Iraqi-American attached to Delta, the commandos were able to learn about the Baathists in the area and where to find them.

This would be an overnight foray to a distant village, where Saif had presumably been raiding the last few days.

He is, however, generally acknowledged to be a great lyric poet, while many of his best Kasidas refer to the exploits of Saif ad Dawlah, a prince of the Benou Hamdan dynasty in Syria.

This work, which surpasses all former ones of this name, he produced after a labour of forty years, and presented it to Saif ad Dawlah, who gave him a thousand pieces of gold for it, but excused himself at the same time for the smallness of this honorarium.

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