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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Seak \Seak\, n. Soap prepared for use in milling cloth.


n. soap prepared for use in milling cloth

Usage examples of "seak".

For the sake of convenience, I have located the College of Lictors behind the temple of the Lares Praestites on the eastern side of the Forum Romanum, but there is no factual evidence of this at all.

He could not breathe, could not seak, but only hug the flinty soil, pain-white and clammy with weakness.

Caesar went on, more for the sake of talking, filling in the awkward gap his discomfort had created.

So for his sake it trotted, cantered, fell to a walk, picked up its stride again as soon as it was able, the steam rising from its shaggy coat in little trails that drifted behind them.

Here too was a man who would kick his heels by his ships while the rest of his countrymen died like flies, all for the sake of the merest pinprick in the skin of his honor.

Rome led by men who could cause so much pain all for the sake of a class-conscious quarrel.

Money had changed hands, he said, and Rome for the sake of a few fatter senatorial purses was going to abandon her friend and ally of fifty years.

For the sake of those lives thrown away through irresponsible haste, he must hold fast to his plan.

That his liege lord would never sanction the blood about to be spilled for his sake made no difference.

For the sake of the Paravians, this world is protected, and shall be for as long as men endure.

Only for the sake of shared enmity would the Prince of the West receive his hearing.