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n. (plural of saw English)


SAWS may refer to:

  • Peace be upon him (Islam), abbreviated as SAWS, phrase that Muslims often say after saying the name of a prophet of Islam
  • The San Antonio Water System, a municipally-owned water utility in the city of San Antonio, United States.
  • State Administration of Work Safety, government agency of the People's Republic of China

Usage examples of "saws".

Now, to construct a simple boat even with the necessary tools, was a difficult work, and the colonists not having tools they must begin by making hammers, axes, adzes, saws, augers, planes, etc.

When he finished his prayer he launched into a long rambling speech in which he welcomed us to the compound as new tenants, in which he aimed a few well turned barbs at real and imaginary enemies, and in which he released a torrent of proverbs and saws and anecdotes that fell like stones to the depths of our hunger.