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Saku may refer to:

  • Saku, Nagano, a city in Japan
  • Saku, Nagano (Minamisaku), a town in Japan
  • Saku Parish, a rural municipality in Harju County, Estonia
    • Saku, a small borough in Saku Parish, Harju County, Estonia
  • Saku Brewery, an Estonian brewery
  • Saku (song), a song by the band Dir en grey
  • Saku Constituency, an electoral constituency in Kenya
  • Saku is also a Finnish male given name
    • Saku Koivu, Finnish ice hockey player
    • Saku Pesonen, Finnish footballer
    • Saku Puhakainen, Finnish footballer
Saku (song)

is a single released by Dir en grey on July 14, 2004. Uncommon for a single, the title track is placed second, not first. The first track is "Machiavellism" and it can be briefly heard in the "Saku" music video before the main song begins. The third track is composed of a studio recording of "G.D.S" (the long-time opening music for the band's concerts) and a live recording of the song "Shokubeni" from the album VULGAR. The music video for "Saku" was voted the #1 video of the year 2006 on the MTV2 show Headbanger's Ball.