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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Saan \Saan\ (s[aum]n), n. pl. (Ethnol.) Same as Bushmen.


n. (alternative spelling of San English)


The South Asian Awareness Network, almost always referred to by its initialismSAAN and pronounced sän, is a non-profit group at the University of Michigan which holds one of the most prominent conferences on South Asian issues for undergraduate students in North America. Its mission goals include "educating participants and raising awareness about issues affecting South Asians that are often overlooked or not discussed, inspiring young South Asians to become leaders by promoting activism, encouraging unity, and maintaining a network of South Asians in across the nation."

SAAN was founded in 2001 by several University of Michigan students who felt that there was great demand on campus for a content-driven conference on issues of importance to the South Asian community in America ranging from humanitarian work in South Asia to increased political participation in the United States. From the initial conference in 2001 which was a campus-only affair, the SAAN conference has grown into a nationally renowned conference which draws over 500 participants annually from across America. Speakers from past conferences have included CNN Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta, Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi, actor and White House spokesperson Kal Penn, and Trinity College professor Vijay Prashad.

SAAN (disambiguation)

SAAN (South Asian Awareness Network) is an American student organization.

SAAN may also refer to:

  • San people or Bushmen, the indigenous people of Southern Africa
  • SAAN Stores, a defunct chain of discount department stores in Canada

Usage examples of "saan".

The time that Fo Saan had foreseen for him had at last come and by taking himself away from Hong Kong, from the center of the arena of contention, he was keeping low.

He centered his being, sinking down into a lower layer of consciousness where, Fo Saan had taught him, all six senses were heightened.