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The Saka or Saca mod. ; ; , Sákai; ; , old *Sək, mod. Sāi) was the term used in Persian and Sanskrit sources for the Scythians, a large group of Eastern Iranian nomadic tribes on the Eurasian Steppe.

The regions of Tashkent, Fergana, and Kashgar were inhabited by the people known to the Chinese under the name Sse (ancient pronunciation, Ssek), to the Persians and Indians as Saka, or Shaka, and to the Greeks as Sakai: our Sakas. They were in fact the 'Scythians of Asia.' They formed a branch of the great Scytho-Sarmatian family; that is, they were nomadic Iranians from the northwestern steppes.

Såka is a settlement in the municipality of Kokkola (Karleby in Swedish), in the province of Western Finland. Såka has a population of 900 and covers an area . Såka consists of five different areas: Övre-Såka, Såka, Wentjärvi, Koivisto, and Rasmus.

The oldest stone barn in Finland (1748) is located in the Rasmus area, and so is the architecturally remarkable brick house built in 1779.

The financial center of Såka is located between the Såka and Wentjärvi areas, and it is often called "Såka city". This is the center for logistics in the whole of Såka.


Saka (disambiguation)

Saka were the Achaemenid "Scythian" satrapy.

Saka may also refer to:

Şaka (10+1)

Şaka (10+1) (commonly known simply as Şaka and 10+1), is the fourth studio album by Turkish girl group Hepsi, expected to be released in May 2008. The album is the group's third album so far, and is the follow-up from their 2006 album Hepsi 2, which spawned the hit singles " Kalpsizsin" and " Aşk Sakızı".

Usage examples of "saka".

He was curious as to how Sadda, a Mong Princess, and the Cath Emperor Mei Saka could have had a love affair.

I come from Pukka, sent as special envoy by the High Emperor of all the Caths, to replace the Low Emperor, Mei Saka, and find out why you Mongs cannot be defeated.

I fainted because I thought Mei Saka had been feigning all along, was not killed in battle, and meant to kill me in this place.

He watched the play of muscles in that marvelous body and wondered that this Emperor, this Mei Saka, could have been fool enough to endanger a relationship with her.

It was because of Sadda that her late husband, Mei Saka, had plotted to open the wall and betray Cath.

It is strange all the same that the Emperor Mei Saka has disappeared and the Empress, instead of putting on the yellow cloth of mourning, welcomes you.

Emperor Mei Saka is dead, eaten by carrion apes and his bones forgotten.

Better coached, the Parthians, Saka, and Persians did not move from their seats around the table.

Moving very slowly, mindful always of the watchful Saka guard beside him, he raised one hand to where the little bronze statue danced above his heart.

With the Parthian general came officersmen of the Saka and of the Yueh-chih.

It is true that I come from Pukka, sent as special envoy by the High Emperor of all the Caths, to replace the Low Emperor, Mei Saka, and find out why you Mongs cannot be defeated.

Together we went to Kuraya Jibei, a money-lender living at Kuramae no Saka, as is well known.

Sano and Reiko branches of saka tree with white paper strips attached, leading the couple to the alcove to make a traditional wedding offering to the gods.

Goat Baron begged to be spared, and by this time had only the Bull, Saka Gerden, to deal with.

Now only one of the lords remained alive, Saka Gerden in his massive bull-helm, rising to his feet and shaking his head as the mirror-mask blinded him.