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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Seld \Seld\ (s[e^]ld), a. [See Seldom.] Rare; uncommon; unusual. [Obs.]
--Chaucer. Spenser.


Seld \Seld\, adv. Rarely; seldom. [Obs.]


a. 1 (context archaic English) rare, uncommon. 2 unusual, unwonted. adv. (context obsolete or dialectal Scotland English) seldom.

Usage examples of "seld".

Sal Simmons kept a little shop, An bacca seld, an spice, An traitle drink, an ginger pop, An other things as nice.

Joat jumping up and down, gurgling with laughter while tears streamed down her face, as well as Channa's, and Seld crowed like he'd turned rooster.

Like all station-born youngsters, Seld was not unaccustomed to Simeon speaking from the nearest sound cube, but he had the good manners to bow to the column.

That word came wobbling out as Seld tried not to show Joat how frightened he really was.