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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Scut \Scut\, n. [Cf. Icel. skott a fox's tail. [root] 159.] The tail of a hare, or of a deer, or other animal whose tail is short, esp. when carried erect; hence, sometimes, the animal itself. ``He ran like a scut.''

How the Indian hare came to have a long tail, whereas that part in others attains no higher than a scut.
--Sir T. Browne.

My doe with the black scut.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

term of contempt for a person, 1873, of unknown origin.


"short, erect tail" (of a rabbit, hare, deer, etc.), 1520s; earlier "a hare" (mid-15c.), perhaps from Old Norse skjota "to shoot (with a weapon), launch, push, shove quickly" (compare Norwegian skudda "to shove, push"), from PIE *skeud- "to shoot, chase, throw" (see shoot (v.)).


Etymology 1 n. 1 A short, erect tail, as of a hare or rabbit 2 rump, pudenda, vulva 3 A slut; whore; hussy vb. To scamper off Etymology 2

n. A contemptible person. Etymology 3

n. 1 Distasteful work; drudgery. 2 (context slang medicine English) Some menial, common unfinished task left for medical students, or some clinically useful training.


n. a short erect tail

Scut (disambiguation)

Scut or SCUT may refer to:

  • Scut, a short tail on various mammals
  • "Scut work", menial work
  • Adam Scut (fl. 1382–1401), English politician
  • Scut Farkus, a fictional character in the film A Christmas Story
  • South China University of Technology (pinyin: Huánán Lǐgōng Dàxué), a public university in Guangzhou, China

Usage examples of "scut".

Yacht Club dock, which glowed greenly under a huge neon sign: Scut Capitol of the Universe.

Why could the Baron catch scut when he had such a terrible time with muskies?

Although scut are true fish and not mammals, they are exceedingly like small whales.

Actually, Pike never understood where the sport was in scut fishing, and he voted against the category whenever the question was raised.

Pike left Rita to greet her father and mother without him, and went aboard the Comparative Humanity to compare notes with Lester and start work on the scut finding charts.

Then they filled your head full of bull about how easy scut are to catch.

On Wednesday evening, when they landed in the marina each with big scut hausered to his aft deck, they took the precaution of flying in from the wrong direction.

So the Comparative Humanity steamed out of the marina for a day of scut fishing in hell.

And the scut had hit the wiggly lure he had tied on the line, apparently charging full blast from somewhere out of range of the finder.

Three hours of fighting the sea and the fish, put the scut aboard, and they qualified to keep fishing.

Pike had once landed a 600 pound scut on twenty pound test line, but a big cuda would certainly break off on the harbor pilings.

Only you got sick and he needed someone to do his scut work for him and he decided I could tag along.

Old Frenchman was fighting mad at some Yankee ornithologue named Scut who claimed right in a magazine that Jean Chevelier shot more birds than anybody on the Gulf Coast.

Pull those names out of the flow chart and what remained was Ray Scutter floating over the various department heads like a loose balloon.

Ray Scutter would have made an interesting subject, Chris thought, but he was supposed to be hard to approach, and his public pronouncements were so predictably banal that better journalists than Chris had written him off as a lost cause.