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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Salp \Salp\ (s[a^]lp), n. (Zo["o]l.) Any species of Salpa, or of the family Salpid[ae].


n. Any of a group of free-swimming tunicates of the genus (taxlink Sarpa genus noshow=1)


n. minute floating marine tunicate having a transparent body with an opening at each end [syn: salpa]


A salp (plural salps) or salpa (plural salpae or salpas) is a barrel-shaped, planktonic tunicate. It moves by contracting, thus pumping water through its gelatinous body. Salp jet propulsion is one of the most efficient in the animal kingdom. The salp strains the pumped water through its internal feeding filters, feeding on phytoplankton.

Usage examples of "salp".

Investigative Support Unit, which included some of the top profilers and criminal investigative analysts in the world-Larry Ankrom, Greg Cooper, Steve Etter, Bill Hagmaier, Roy Hazelwood, Steve Mardigian, Gregg McCrary, Jana Monroe, Jud Ray, Tom Salp, Pete Smerick, Clint Van Zandt, and Jim Wright.

We both decided the halibut dieppoise with a salp icon of prawns and leeks sounded good and settled for that.

As on other worlds, the ocean swarmed with copepods, salps, annelid worms, sponges, and jellyfish, and with squid, swallowers, sharks and other fishes higher on the food chain.