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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
have sth sewn up
▪ IBM had the market for electric typewriters sewn up.
▪ For the lawyers have it all sewn up.
▪ The deal between the wholesaler and manufacturer will have been sewn up only minutes before Sanjay accepted his orders.
▪ To have lost a game against the local rivals that should have been sewn up was bad enough.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sew \Sew\, v. t. [imp. Sewed; p. p. Sewed, rarely Sewn; p. pr. & vb. n. Sewing.] [OE. sewen, sowen, AS. si['o]wian, s[=i]wian; akin to OHG. siuwan, Icel. s?ja, Sw. sy, Dan. sye, Goth. siujan, Lith. siuti, Russ, shite, L. ssuere, Gr. ????, Skr. siv. [root]156. Cf. Seam a suture, Suture.]

  1. To unite or fasten together by stitches, as with a needle and thread.

    No man also seweth a piece of new cloth on an old garment.
    --Mark ii. 21.

  2. To close or stop by ssewing; -- often with up; as, to sew up a rip.

  3. To inclose by sewing; -- sometimes with up; as, to sew money in a bag.


vb. (past participle of sew English)


adj. fastened with stitches [syn: sewed, stitched]

  1. v. fasten by sewing; do needlework [syn: run up, sew together, stitch]

  2. create (clothes) with cloth; "Can the seamstress sew me a suit by next week?" [syn: tailor, tailor-make]

  3. [also: sewn]


See sew

Sewn (song)

"Sewn" is the first proper single by British rock group The Feeling, following the 7" only single " Fill My Little World" (which would become a full single release itself). It was released in the UK on 27 February 2006 and entered the UK Singles Chart at #7 on 5 March 2006. It has sold around 90,000 copies in the UK.

"Sewn" gained the band a lot of support and went on to become one of the most successful songs of the year on British radio, with much thanks to Chris Moyles of BBC Radio One, who championed the band. The single was recorded in band members Kevin and Ciaran Jeremiah's dad's shed known as "Kevin and Ciaran's mum and dad's outbuilding". Four Stops and Home, The Feeling's debut release for American audiences, incorporates "Sewn" as its leading track as well as its single artwork.

The song is featured as one of the tracks in the video game FIFA 07, and was featured on the NBC television series Medium in the episode "The Boy Next Door", which aired on 7 March 2007 and also on the CW television series One Tree Hill in the episode "Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers" which aired on 14 February 2007.

In August 2006, on the USA's iTunes Store, "Sewn" was a single of the week. It also appears on the 2006 compilation album, The Acoustic Album released by Virgin Records.

Usage examples of "sewn".

From the pockets of his linen roundabout he pulled two small volumes for which he, or someone else, had sewn tiny canvas covers.

The door was opened by a girl dark as night but dressed in dawn-shades: a dress sewn of beiges, whites, and pale, pale yellows.

Another wore a robe of regal purple, sewn with silver stars and symbols seeming those of an old-world wizard.

Celia was clad in a Seminole skirt: a wrap sewn of brightly striped cloth, its edges frayed from sweeping the ground.

The band about her forehead was wider than was generally worn and upon it were sewn numerous tiny shells, set close together and forming a pattern.

It is of alternate red and white stripes, with a blue square in one corner upon which are sewn many white stars.

I came suddenly upon a little, open meadow and the realization of my wish, for there stood three of the pointed tents of slaves consisting of a number of poles leaning inward and lashed together at the top, the whole covered by a crazy patchwork consisting of the skins of animals sewn together.

I learned better, I took her to mean that my mother had brought me, perhaps tucked in a pocket behind her skirt, or sewn into the lining of her coat.

My hair was still sewn to my head, but had grown or worked loose from its stitches, and stood out in tufts.

Dainty said I had got so sharp, if you could have found a way of threading me with cotton, you could have sewn with me.

Three women in long brown skirts sewn with rows of pockets came up in a rush.

She wore robes the same light burlap color as his, but unlike his, hers were decorated at the neck with yellow and red beads sewn in the ancient symbols of her profession.

She could hardly stand to look at the jagged white scar, and the one eye that was sewn shut.

Within an hour I had been sewn by a kind young intern who later advised us to go to an obstetrician, but I never went to one.

An oilcloth had been sewn around the strong box to protect it from the weather, or rather to protect the fate of Spain that lay hidden inside.