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Saha (crater)

Saha is a lunar impact crater on the Moon's far side, behind the eastern limb as seen from the Earth. It lies less than one crater diameter due east of the similar-sized Wyld, and to the north-northwest of the large walled plain Pasteur.

This crater has been worn and damaged by subsequent impacts, including the satellite crater Saha W which lies across the northwest rim and inner wall. The inner sides still display some terrace-like shelf structures, but these have become worn and have lost definition. There is a small, bowl-shaped crater Saha M in the southwestern part of the interior floor. To the north of this feature is an arcing ridge feature. The floor is otherwise pitted by various tiny craterlets.

SAHA (Iran aviation)

SAHA Iran Aircraft Industries or IACI (صها مخفف فارسی صنایع هواپیمایی ایران) was established in 1961 mainly for major repair of fighter, passenger, and air support planes. Over time, SAHA became an important part of Iran’s aviation industry. In 1998, Iranian scientists and experts started designing, engineering, and manufacturing complex engine parts, airplane parts, and manufacturing turbine engines like Toloue-4.

SAHA is currently working on turbo prop engines called TV-3 for IrAn-140 planes.


  • Production of 100% Iranian made turbofan jet engine MD-80 class in 2014, comparable to JT8D-219 jet engine
  • Mass production of Toloue-4 mini jet engine
  • Capability to repair aircraft like Boeing 747
  • Repairing Dart engines
  • Building repair lines to repair heavy engines like Astazo, F, and Solar.

Saha may refer to: basically refer to jaat community & later might have been migrated to west Bengal.

  • Saha (surname), a Bengali Hindu Surname
  • Saha ionization equation, relating the densities of atoms, ions, and electrons in a plasma
  • Saha Airlines
  • Saha District, a district of the city of Busan, South Korea
  • Saha Station, a station of the Busan Metro Line 1
  • Saha, Estonia, village in Estonia
  • Saha, Iran, village in Zanjan Province, Iran
  • Saha World, Buddhist cosmology term describing this worldly realm of existence

SAHA may refer to:

  • SAHA (Iran aviation), an Iranian aviation company
  • Suberoylanilide hydroxamic acid (SAHA, Vorinostat), an anticancer agent
  • San Antonio Housing Authority, a housing authority in Texas
  • SAHA (Skokie Hockey), the Skokie (Illinois) Amateur Hockey Association

People with the name Saha include:

  • Arthur W. Saha, Science Fiction and Fantasy editor
  • Louis Saha, French former footballer
  • Megh Nad Saha, Bengali Indian astrophysicist
  • Wriddhiman Saha, Indian cricketer
  • Ranadaprasad Saha,Bengali Businessman,Social activist
  • Gopinath Saha-Revolutionist
Saha (surname)

Saha is a Bengali Hindu surname indicating a business family lineage, mostly residing in the East Indian state of West Bengal. Several meanings of Saha include ‘merchant’, ‘honest’ and ‘good’.