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Şanţ is a commune in Bistriţa-Năsăud County, Romania. It is composed of two villages, Şanţ and Valea Mare (Máriavölgy).

Sant (India)
  1. redirect Sant Mat
Sant (disambiguation)

Sant may refer to:

  • Sant, an Indian term derived from a Sanskrit verb that means both "to be good" and "to be real"
  • a word meaning Saint in Catalan
    • Sant Joan (disambiguation)
  • Sant, Övörkhangai, a district in Mongolia
  • Sant, Selenge, a district in Mongolia
  • Șanț, a commune in Bistriţa-Năsăud County, Romania
  • Șanț River, a tributary of the Trotuş River in Romania
  • Sant tree (Acacia nilotica), a tree species found in Africa

Usage examples of "sant".

The spires of the cathedral and the great churches dedicated to Santa-Magdalena, Sant Jude and Santa-Maria glittered in the dawn light.

Charles Roumi Sant with the records earlier supplied us by you, on a volunteer tested five times previously without success.

Working with an artist, I have managed to produce actual-size representations of those aliens as Sant imagined them.

Thanks also to the administration, faculty, students, parents, and board of the Sant Bani School, the staff of Orchard House, and the Houghton Library at Harvard.

Bicknell is the principal of the Sant Bani School, a private day school in Sanbornton, New Hampshire.

He was shown stretching his arms toward Sant Juame, who sat on a throne with a woman prostrate at his feet.

Church of Sant Juame, where tied just outside the front portal she found a huge, black stallion with silver trappings.

The monastery of Sant Joan de les Abadesses was a squatty, sprawling stone structure built in the time of Guifre the Hairy.

A sort of bribe to Sant Juame to favor him with no more female children who needed dowries.

She is also currently overseeing the remodeling of the Van Sant mansion and the lobby of the Montgomery Hotel.

I wont be long: just santer around the Square hi case Ike wants to start asking questions too.

They said that when it was Christmas Fayre time in the Store there was this thing that came called Santer Claws.

When they got to the house, Miss Meadows and all the gals was sitting on the piazzer, and instead of stopping at the gate, Brer Rabbit rode on by, he did, and then come galloping down the road and up to the horse-rack, which he hitch Brer Fox at, and then he santer into the house, he did, and shake hands with the gals, and sit there, smoking his cigar same as a town man.

On certain controversial points, such as the cause for enforced retirement of Suetonius, the origin of Antinous, whether slave or free, the active participation of Hadrian in the Palestinian war, the dates of apotheosis of Sabina and of interment of Aelius Caesar in the Castel Sant Angelo, it has been necessary to choose between hypotheses of historians, but the effort has been to make that choice only with good reason.

Bicknell is the principal of the Sant Bani School, a private day school in Sanbornton, New Hampshire.