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n. A reduction of must in Ancient Roman cuisine, made by boiling down grape juice or must in large kettles until reduced to a third of the original volume.


Sapa or Sapë may refer to:

SAPA (football club)

SAPA (original name Savannan Pallo) was founded in Helsinki in 1970. The club was established at the Savanna restaurant when a group of young men wanted more activities than sitting around the place. It was eventually decided that a sports club's name could not be the restaurant's name and as a result the name was changed to the abbreviation SAPA. In addition to football the club provides for the sport of floorball.

SAPA run two men's teams, their home ground being located at the Kumpulanlaakson kenttä. (Kumpulanlaakso playing-field). The women's football team played one season in the 1970s in the Finnish first division. Junior football started in June 1986 and the club currently provides for a wide range of age groups. In total the club has over 50 adult players and more than 250 junior players.

Usage examples of "sapa".

In 1874, General George Armstrong Custer enraged him by invading the sacred Paha Sapa, the Black Hills, on a reconnaissance mission.

Paha Sapa was a holy place belonging to the Indians, deeded to them by the Treaty of 1868.