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Seco or SECO may refer to:

Seco (food)

Seco is a popular stewed meat plate served in Peru and Ecuador. One popular variation is seco de cordero (stewed Lamb).

Usage examples of "seco".

The equipment had been trucked from Boscobel Airfield straight through to Puerto Seco, on Discovery Bay.

Aferrada todavía al vacío, la mano cortada cayó dando un golpe seco en el suelo.

It was his counterpart in Puerto Seco, near Discovery Bay, whom he had contacted twenty minutes ago.

Before it was over, I had built a mission in Chilibre, a small village with black Jamaicans and brown Panamanians, and one at the Palo Seco Leper Colony.

Moonglow Vista, South Pasadena--then took the Arroyo Seco over the hill to the address, a block of bungalow courts.