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Colonel Lord Pontly was a short man, no taller than Sald himself, but twice the width and thrice the depth.

That was a very good question, and Sald would dearly have loved to know the answer.

Obviously the required shuffle had turned out to be large enough to justify a General Investiture, and when everyone had rolled one place up the bed, there was going to be a gap at the bottom, some very humble slot into which Ensign Sald Harl would apparently fit.

Out of the corner of his eye Sald saw that Feather King of Arms had entered with followers.

With his mouth still open, Sald dashed to take his place at the end of the fast-vanishing line.

When Sald arrived, he paraded along the whole line of highborn hindquarters and found barely space to squeeze between the last man and the wall, turning to face the dais and the thrones.

Unnoted in his edge position, Sald gaped around like the hick country boy he was.

It had been a long time since Sald had been close to the king, but he could see little change.

The twin sapphire flames burned above Sald, and he stared back into them with no trouble at all--an easy feat for one whose life had been totally ruined without warning.

Five minutes ago, that royal compliment would have sent Sald Harl into delirium.

The peacocks and the butterflies strutted and fluttered in the sunlight, but Sald saw almost none of it.

The royal party withdrew--and the fifth person in that party was Sald Harl.

Without warning, Vindax turned to a door, but Sald had been expecting that and did not miss a step.

Half into a coat which proclaimed him to be crown prince of Rantorra, Sald paused.

Now it was Sald who gasped, and Vindax nodded with pleasure at the effect.