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is the most common Japanese surname, it is often romanized as Sato, Satoh, Saato or Satou. It is pronounced as "". Notable people with the surname include:

Sato (rice wine)

Sato (, , ) is a traditional northeastern Thailand (Isan) beer style that has been made for centuries from starchy glutinous or sticky rice by growers in that region. Just as other regional varieties made not from grapes but cereal are commonly called wine rather than beer, sato is commonly called Thai rice wine. When brewed in little brown jugs called , it is called or .

Sato (dog)

Sato is a Puerto Rican slang term referring to a mixed breed dog. Due to a combination of economic, social, and cultural factors, Puerto Rico has a terrible problem of animal overpopulation, abandonment, abuse, and neglect, meaning that abandoned satos can be found everywhere, struggling to survive on the streets, beaches, and commercial centers. Because of satos' out-of-control numbers and some's view of them as a public menace and health hazard, they are sometimes the victims of abuse such as burning and drowning.

While satos come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they are often small to medium-sized, with large ears and stubby legs. They are highly intelligent, healthy, and loyal, making them excellent companion dogs.

Many organizations, such as Animal Lighthouse Rescue, Save a Sato Foundation, All Sato Rescue, Island Dog, El Faro de los Animales, Amigos de los Animales, ARF of Mercer, and "Buffalo Sato Rescue'', are dedicated to rescuing abused and abandoned satos and finding homes for them through shelters on the U.S. mainland. Because of these efforts, satos are becoming more and more popular pets in the United States.

Sato (instrument)

The sato is a bowed tanbur, or long-necked lute, played by performers of Central Asian classical and folk music, mainly in Uzbekistan. Famous uzbek musician Turgun Alimatov is solely responisible for reviving the art of playing the sato, as it had completely disappeared for a number of centuries before he took it up in 1957. Thus he has been considered as the founder of the sato and its playing style and technique.


Sato may refer to:

  • Satō, the most common Japanese surname
  • Sato (rice wine), a beverage from Thailand
  • Sato (instrument), a bowed tanbur, or long-necked lute of Central Asian origin
  • " S.A.T.O.", a song from Ozzy Osbourne's 1981 album Diary of a Madman
  • Sato (dog), a Puerto Rican feral dog
  • SaTo, a brand of toilet products for users of pit latrines
  • Sato Oyj, a Finnish housing company