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n. (plural of sea English)

Seas (disambiguation)

Seas may mean:

  • The plural of " sea"
  • Shipboard Environmental (data) Acquisition System: a program developed by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA) to provide accurate meteorological and oceanographic data in real time from ships at sea through the use of satellite data transmission techniques.
  • Seas - a type of wind wave that develops over time.
  • Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulations
  • Solaris Easy Access Server
  • School of English and American Studies, an institute at the Eötvös Loránd University
  • SEAS is the NYSE ticker symbol for SeaWorld Entertainment
  • School of Engineering and Applied Science (disambiguation), the name of several engineering schools at universities in the United States

Usage examples of "seas".

As for me, I ate of fishes that never swam in earthly seas, and of strange fowl that never flapped a way through thick terrestrial air, ate and drank as happy as a king, and falling each moment more and more in love with the wonderfully beautiful girl at my side who was a real woman of flesh and blood I knew, yet somehow so dainty, so pink and white, so unlike other girls in the smoothness of her outlines, in the subtle grace of each unthinking attitude, that again and again I looked at her over the rim of my tankard half fearing she might dissolve into nothing, being the half-fairy which she was.

It was a magnificent bird, measuring ten feet from wing to wing, and which could traverse seas as wide as the Pacific.

The Saracens, already strong at sea in the East, were growing so much stronger that Western statesmen thought it high time to check them, lest their fleets should command the whole Mediterranean and perhaps the seas beyond.

Terrific storms raised tremendous seas through which the five little vessels buffeted their toilsome way.

There would then be no way out of Great Britain on to the Seven Seas except round the north of Scotland.

The Seven Seas are ten times bigger than the whole of North and South America.

Now that the last and most formidable of our enemies has acknowledged the triumph of the Allied arms on behalf of right and justice, I wish to express my praise and thankfulness to the officers, men, and women of the Royal Navy and Marines, with their comrades of the Fleet Auxiliaries and the Mercantile Marine, who, for more than four years have kept open the seas, protected our shores, and given us safety.

The banth is a fierce beast of prey that roams the low hills surrounding the dead seas of ancient Mars.

As the waters of the planet dried and the seas receded, all other resources dwindled until life upon the planet became a constant battle for survival.

The various races had made war upon one another for ages, and the three higher types had easily bested the green savages of the water places of the world, but now that the receding seas necessitated constant abandonment of their fortified cities and forced upon them a more or less nomadic life in which they became separated into smaller communities they soon fell prey to the fierce hordes of green men.

I was never so thirsty as this since our water-butts went overboard when I sailed the southern seas as a tramp apprentice, and for three days we had to damp our black tongues with the puddles the night-dews left in the lift of our mainsail.

North clad in snows, across the middle spaces of the world, to where the amorous South, lying like a bride upon her blue couch of seas, breathes in sighs made sweet with the odour of myrtles--there shall thy power pass and thy dominion find a home.

Men and women, empires and cities, thrones, principalities, and powers, mountains, rivers, and unfathomed seas, worlds, spaces, and universes, all have their day, and all must go.

Malays who frequent these seas, and those fellows are ruffians which it is best to avoid.

A voyage of a hundred and fifty miles in a comparatively small vessel, over unknown seas, could not but cause him some anxiety.