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Sava (disambiguation)

Sava may refer to:

  • Sava, a river in central-southern Europe which flows from Slovenia to Serbia, passing through or bordering on Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
Geographical (along the above river)
  • Sava (Jesenice), a settlement that is now part of the town of Jesenice in Slovenia
  • Sava, Litija, a settlement in the Municipality of Litija, Slovenia
  • Sava Centar, an event facility in Belgrade, Serbia
  • Sava City, business district under construction in Belgrade, Serbia
Rivers in Romania
  • Sava River (Beznea), a tributary of the Beznea river
  • Sava River (Pârâul Lung), a tributary of the Pârâul Lung river
  • Sava River (Vedița), a tributary of the Vedița River
Geographical (other)
  • Sava, Pălatca, a village in Pălatca Commune, Cluj County, Romania
  • Sava, Apulia, a commune in the province of Taranto, Apulia, Italy
  • Sava (Baronissi), a village in the province of Salerno, Campania, Italy
  • Sava, Bulgaria, a village near Dalgopol
  • Sava, Estonia, village in Luunja Parish, Tartu County, Estonia
  • Sava, Iran, a city in Markazi Province, Iran
  • Sava, Mauritania, a village in Mauritania
  • Sava Region, a region in Madagascar
  • Sabbas the Goth, a Romanian martyr (334 - 372)
  • Saint Sabbas the Sanctified, 5th century Palestinian hermit, author of the Typicon
  • Saint Sava, Serbian medieval prince turned monk (1176 - 1235)
  • Sava (name), a south Slavic name
  • Sava (Belgium) (Societe Anversois pour la fabrications de Voitures Automobiles), a defunct Belgian car manufacturer ( :de:SAVA (Automarke))
  • Sava (motorcycle), Belgian motorcycle manufacturer ( :nl:Sava (motorfiets))
  • Sava (cycling team), a Slovenian cycling team
  • Sava (Spain) (Sociedad Anónima de Vehículos Automoviles), a defunct Spanish car manufacturer
  • Sava Tires, a Slovenian tire brand, part of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
  • Sava (mythology), a creature in the Polynesian mythology
  • Sava-class, a class of Yugoslav submarines built during the late 1970s and early 1980s.
Sava (name)

Sava is a common male personal name in south Slavic languages, and is also used in Romanian and Bosniak. Perhaps the most famous example is the Serbian medieval prince turned monk Saint Sava. In Bosnia Sava could also be a female name, a result of the tradition of naming female children like rivers – in this case, after the river Sava. Saba is a popular Georgian variant.


The Sava (, , ) is a river in Central Europe, a right side tributary of the Danube. It flows through Slovenia, Croatia, along the northern border of Bosnia and Herzegovina, through Serbia, discharging into the Danube in Belgrade. Its central part is a natural border of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia. The Sava forms the northern border of the Balkan Peninsula, and southern edge of the Pannonian Plain.

The Sava is long, including the Sava Dolinka headwater rising in Zelenci, Slovenia. It is the greatest tributary of the Danube by volume of water, and second-largest after Tisza in terms of catchment area and length. It drains a significant portion of the Dinaric Alps region, through the major tributaries of Drina, Bosna, Kupa, Una, Vrbas, Lonja, Kolubara, Bosut and Krka. The Sava is one of the longest rivers in Europe and among a handful of European rivers of that length that do not drain directly into a sea.

The population in the Sava River basin is estimated at 8,176,000, and it connects three national capitals— Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade. The Sava is navigable for larger vessels from the confluence of the Kupa River in Sisak, Croatia, approximately two-thirds of its length.

Sava (mythology)

In the traditions of Samoa, Sava and his sister, I'i, were the children of Lefatu (the rock) and Le'ele'ele (the earth). They lived in Manu'a and became the first settlers of Savai'i.

Sava (Spain)

Sociedad Anónima de Vehículos Automoviles (SAVA) was a Spanish producer of light and medium commercial vehicles, based in Valladolid.

Sava (cycling team)

Sava (UCI Team Code: SAK) is a Continental cycling team founded in 1957 (as continental team from 2004). It is based in Slovenia and it participates in UCI Continental Circuits races.

Sava (Baronissi)

Sava is a southern Italian village and hamlet ( frazione) of Baronissi, a municipality in the province of Salerno, Campania. With a population of 4,153 (2009), it is the most populated hamlet of its municipality.