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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sart \Sart\, n. An assart, or clearing. [Obs.]


n. (context obsolete English) An assart, or clearing.


Sart is a name for the settled inhabitants of Central Asia and the Middle East, which has had shifting meanings over the centuries. Sarts, known sometimes as Ak-Sart in ancient times, did not have any particular ethnic identification, and were usually (though not always) town-dwellers. Since the 16th century and onward Mughal historians referred to the Tajiks of the Kabulistan (now Afghanistan) and surrounding regions as Sarts.

Sart (disambiguation)

Sart is a name for the settled inhabitants of Central Asia. It may also refer to:

  • Sat Thai, a festival in Thailand, alternatively spelled Sart Thai
  • Sat Chin or Sart Chin, the Ghost Festival as it is known in Thailand
  • A village in Turkey, formerly known as Sardis

SART may refer to:

  • Search and Rescue Transponder
  • Society of Assisted Reproductive Technology
  • Santa Ana River Trail
  • Sexual Assault Response Team
Sart (album)

Sart is the third album by Norwegian saxophonist Jan Garbarek, his second released on the ECM label, and is performed by Garbarek's quintet featuring Bobo Stenson, Terje Rypdal, Arild Andersen and Jon Christensen.

Usage examples of "sart".

Blade whirled the sledge hammer over his head and sprang at Sart, giving the men on either side of him a chance to move in if they chose.

Blade feinted a blow with the sledge and, when Sart raised his bar to defend, halted the blow in midair.

He thrust, sword-like, over the bar and caught Sart squarely on the jaw with the sixteen-pound head.

This Obidikut was shorter than Sart, and not so powerful looking, and his brown eyes did not gleam with the same intelligence, but he was of the stuff that makes berserkers.

His jaw did not appear to be broken, though Sart was spitting blood and teeth.

He was still in a desperate position and Sart might serve him well in many ways.

He looked around him at the bodies and at Sart kneeling near Blade in slavehood.

He heard Sart push through the door hanging and say something to the line of women waiting outside.

His spear bar, the one he had taken from Sart, had disappeared the first night as he slept.

But he did not like whining, and he cuffed Sart so hard that the sturdy Gnoman went down in a daze.

Blade and Sart, surrounded by the guards, made a right turn and continued along the main sewer.

He contented himself with a few ripe and silent curses and with kicking Sart, who was still groveling in the sand and making fearful sounds in his throat.

I saw Sart stop groveling and reach for her and she struck him in the face and laughed.

He would probably not notice such a trifle as Sart being plagued by Alixe.

He pushed Sart away from him, held the torch high and swept it about the chamber.