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n. (plural of seg English)

Usage examples of "segs".

He had another fit of vomiting a few segs later, then began scratching itches.

For the next few segs, they all stood slack-jawed as I gave the full, personally annotated lecture on individual weapons.

She was back downstairs and outside in less than five segs to wait as the others trickled in.

It lasted segs and lit the sky from horizon to horizon, crashing in her ears and dazzling her eyes.

It was painful to excrete, as it took several segs to get undressed and then was hellishly cold.

It took only segs to be back outside, carrying a duffle full of clothes.

It was merely an exercise and over in segs, but they treated every one as if it were real, every time.

It was classic urban warfare and she hated it within segs, despised it within divs.

The lifter-elevated screen rippling in the breeze showed the discussions and a massive crowd formed, most arriving within a few segs of the voting time.

It seemed straightforward enough: ten divs per day, ten segs per div, one hundred seconds per seg.

City Safety had already had a report and took him home a few segs later.

She yelled, laughed, sang along, wrestled with other attendees and even spent several segs in an almost sexual encounter with one man.

She spent several segs getting used to the controls and the outrageous amount of dynes escaping from the engine.