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n. A type of non-rendered underskin pig fat consumed in Central and Eastern Europe, usually seasoned


Salò is a town and comune in the Province of Brescia in the region of Lombardy (northern Italy) on the banks of Lake Garda, on which it has the longest promenade. The city was the seat of government of the Italian Social Republic from 1943 to 1945, with the ISR often being called the "Republic of Salò" (Repubblica di Salò in Italian).


Salo or Salò may refer to:

Salo (food)

Salo ( Ukrainian and , , , , , , , , ) is a traditional predominately Slavic food consisting of cured slabs of fatback (rarely pork belly), with or without skin. The food is commonly eaten and known under different names in countries across the region. It is usually salted or brine fermented, hence the names slonina/slana/szalonna (solonýna in Ukrainian means any kind of salt-cured meat, such as corned beef). The Eastern European one is sometimes treated with paprika or other condiments, while the Southeast European one is often smoked. The food is also popular in Serbia, Bulgaria and Macedonia.

The Slavic word "salo" or "slanina" as applied to this type of food (it has other meanings as well) is often translated to English as " bacon" or " lard". Unlike lard, salo is not rendered. Unlike bacon, salo is not necessarily bacon-cured. Salo has little or no meat ( skeletal muscle), and low-meat high-fat bacon commonly is referred to as salo. It is also identical to Italian lardo, the main possible differences being the thickness of the cut (lardo is often sliced very thinly) and seasoning: East Slavic salo uses salt, garlic, black pepper and, possibly, a bit of coriander in curing process, while lardo is generally seasoned with rosemary and other herbs.

Salo (surname)

The surname Salo may refer to:

  • Dave Salo, swim team head coach
  • David Salo (born 1969), linguist
  • Mika Salo (born 1966), former Formula 1 racer
  • Sami Salo (born 1974), ice hockey player
  • Tommy Salo (born 1971), ice hockey player
  • Ola Salo (born 1977), Swedish singer
Salo (given name)

The given nameSalo may refer to:

  • Salo Finkelstein, mental calculator
  • Salo Flohr, Czech chess player
  • Salo Grenning, Norwegian illustrator
  • Salo Landau, Dutch chess player
  • Salo Weisselberger (1867–1931) Jewish leader, jurist and politician during the Austro-Hungarian Empire and later in Romania
  • Salo Wittmayer Baron, American historian of Jewish ancestry
  • Salo, a character in The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut

Usage examples of "salo".

Salonius was a Celtiberian from Salo in Nearer Spain, and he was fair.

Cato the Censor had a freedman client named Salonius, a Celtiberian from Salo who had been one of his slave scribes.

There, as elsewhere, some Austrian parties advanced with the object of watching the movements of the Garibaldians, who occupy the hilly ground, which from Castiglione, Eseuta, and Cartel Venzago stretches to Lonato, Salo, and Desenzano, and to the mountain passes of Caffaro.

Apparently afraid that Metellus Pius was going to invade northern Spain from the headwaters of the Tagus, Sertorius had positioned his own army on the upper reaches of the Salo at Segontia, where he would be able to intercept the Piglet as he emerged from the narrow bridge of mountains which separated the Tagus from the Iberus.

Pole Salo Finkelstein, to tally the returns for the presidential election of the year, because he was claimed to be faster than any then extant calculating machine.

In 1932, a broadcasting company in the US hired a 'calculating genius', the Pole Salo Finkelstein, to tally the returns for the presidential election of the year, because he was claimed to be faster than any then extant calculating machine.