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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a management/research/sales etc team
▪ The design team has come up with a few ideas.
a peace/climate/sales etc conference
▪ an international climate conference in Sweden
a sales forecast
▪ The gloomy sales forecast sparked rumours that the company would be making job cuts.
a sales target
▪ I’m confident we will meet our sales target by the end of the year.
an advertising/marketing/sales campaign
▪ The store ran a television advertising campaign just before Christmas.
bank/sales/project etc manager
▪ She’s now assistant marketing manager for the south east area.
▪ one of our regional managers
bill of sale
boot sale
car boot sale
clearance sale
export sales/figures (=the total number of products that are sold to other countries)
▪ Export sales exceeded 50% of the company’s total turnover.
▪ Hong Kong is a major trading power, with annual export figures rivalling those of Germany.
fire sale
garage sale
jumble sale
point of sale
▪ Under the new law, cigarette advertising will only be allowed at the point of sale.
▪ Cisco Systems posted record profits and sales for the third fiscal quarter.
quick sale
▪ We’ve put the house on the market and we’re hoping for a quick sale.
Retail sales
Retail sales fell by 1.3% in January.
rummage sale
sales and marketing
▪ a career in sales and marketing
sales assistant
sales figures
▪ We exceeded our target sales figures.
sales patter
▪ It’s difficult to look at the cars without getting the sales patter.
sales pitch
▪ an aggressive salesman with a fast-talking sales pitch
sales representative
sales slip
sales tax (=a tax on things you buy)
▪ We have to pay 15% sales tax on everything we buy.
sales tax
withdraw sth from sale/from the market
▪ The drug has been withdrawn from the market for further tests.
yard sale
▪ The company reports 2000 annual sales of $ 4 million and $ 5.6 million cash on hand.
▪ The best-selling Super Mario game already has annual sales of around £2.7 million.
▪ It is now the leading ice cream company in the nation with annual sales of nearly $ 1 billion.
▪ These presentation were made during the annual sales conference.
▪ Single premiums sales have since dwindled. Annual premium sales fell 24 percent.
▪ Cointreau is slightly smaller with annual sales in the region of £300 million.
▪ More bad news is expected next week when the government discloses March retail sales which may have declined by up to 0.8 p.c.
▪ They already generate $ 477 million in retail sales every year in Florida.
▪ It shows that only 50 per cent of retail sales goes through specialist sports retailers.
▪ In the quarter ended December, retail sales by value were up 4. 8 percent from a year earlier.
▪ Final retail sales data for August, published today, will test the accuracy of the provisional 0.4 percent growth rate.
▪ The government reported this week that retail sales were weak in December.
▪ In December, admittedly, consumer confidence fell to its lowest for two years and retail sales were much weaker than expected.
▪ The Central Statistical Office will release retail sales figures for the all-important month of December tomorrow.
▪ Selected industries have also been able to secure extra depreciation in proportion to any increase in the share of exports in their total sales.
▪ Like-for-like sales at Superdrug were up 5.6 per cent, while total sales were up 8.4 per cent.
▪ N is a function of total annual sales, S, and the quantity ordered on each order, Q: 3.
▪ Thanks to recession, total domestic sales of personal computers fell by 8% in the year to March.
▪ In December, total imported vehicle sales increased 22. 1 percent to 38, 861 units, the association said.
▪ The total value of sales is £80 million so far.
▪ This brought total sales of the album, which was released in 1995, to 11. 6 million.
▪ The rules in the sale agreement governing the completion accounts should cover the main areas listed below.
▪ There are sales agreements in force, however.
▪ For the purchaser's lawyer, it is a useful basis from which to start preparing the draft sale agreement.
▪ This did not apply to credit sale agreements for under £30.
▪ The restrictive covenant in a sale agreement protects goodwill whereas restrictive covenants given by employees protect the employer and employee relationship.
▪ This may be in addition to any de minimis provisions negotiated by the vendor in the sale agreement.
▪ Second, credit under a conditional sale agreement.
▪ The purchaser will incorporate an express right of set-off in the sale agreement.
▪ The remarks followed a court case in which a couple admitted selling counterfeit software at car boot sales.
▪ Market stalls, car boot sales and one-day sales are popular selling grounds.
▪ Voice over Anyone considering selling counterfeit goods at car boot sales could face two years in prison or unlimited fines.
▪ Overall complaints about car boot sales have risen from virtually nil to around ten a week in just two years.
▪ A car boot sale at Boxted Airfield has also been called off.
▪ In addition to car boot sales, officers had visited shops selling tobacco and drink.
▪ Maybe they're having Acid House parties or car boot sales.
▪ As Christmas approaches goods like these are turning up at one day sales, car boot sales and market stalls.
▪ Treasury chiefs are furious at the move that more than wipes out the benefits of the scrapping of the car sales tax.
▪ Chrysler dipped 3 / 4 to 55; the company said car sales last month fell 8 %.
▪ The move could also lead to an acceleration in the sports car sales.
▪ The latest monthly decline comes despite a new government-sponsored incentive program introduced in October to boost car sales.
▪ In the first 20 days of December, car sales were 30% higher than over the same period in 1991.
▪ With the country now in recession and the drop in new car sales accelerating quickly, Lamont has few options.
▪ The usual opposition has been put up by the sales contingent in the form of Jim Cavalier, the sales director.
▪ Robert Beard, Batsford's sales director, left the company in December.
▪ He joined the company in 1986 as sales director, having previously held top position with other well-known house builders.
▪ Jean's boss decided to bring him into the business as a sales director.
▪ They have directors, sales directors and shareholders, and they broadcast to make money.
▪ The two dealers who achieved the least impressive sales figures by the end of the week would temporarily be made into runners.
▪ Today, major chain stores and automakers are slated to release December sales figures.
▪ The reliability of sales figures, record charts and air play statistics is notoriously suspect.
▪ Was the new design perhaps unconsciously modelled on the Sun newspaper, in an effort to achieve similar sales figures?
▪ The goA of this policy was to use fear to drive sales figures steadily upward.
▪ The first set of sales figures suggests that consumers are very responsive to this idea of fair trade.
▪ For a man as obsessed with sales figures and chart position as Jackson is, the numbers must have been devastating.
▪ We had to say farewell to an outstanding sales force, under Tony Ferrary, at the end of November.
▪ The complete retail sales force attended the conference where presentations were made covering all aspects of selling.
▪ But with the new sales force, this is to change.
▪ The Journal hears that an announcement on the sales force will be made internally this Monday and will not be made public.
▪ Its newly established corporate sales force is intended only to drum up demand among the Fortune 1000.
▪ But unlike many computer-makers, Compaq makes all its sales through dealers, rather than by using its own sales force.
▪ Seminars, including practical paint spraying demonstrations aimed at sales forces, technical and customer services personnel were held in April.
▪ I've had finds in jumble sales and rescued recherché items out of skips.
▪ Their clothes were hardly fit for a jumble sale.
▪ The ties all looked as if they came from a jumble sale.
▪ I bought it at a church jumble sale.
▪ Lucker emerges from this domestic jumble sale debris sporting a four-pack.
▪ Mrs Thomlinson was to do with the church, soon on the flower rota, a willing hand at jumble sales.
▪ His neighbour was the sales manager of the Midland Bank in Sheffield.
▪ One manager reported that most of their competitors spent more money in training the salespeople than the sales managers.
▪ She is pictured in Burston's impressive reception area with cattle sales manager for East Anglia,.
▪ Executive sales manager Bob Bline says he would be disappointed with an occupancy rate less than 100 percent.
▪ Yet, other sales managers were one of the gang, and you say, Wait a minute-why is it different?
▪ The sales pitch is a wonderful movie moment.
▪ The sales pitch can be so slick that many consumers don't even realize they have bought magazines until the bill arrives.
▪ Personally I think this is another of his sales pitches.
▪ The analogy of the sales pitch is revealing, for advertisers do not promote their product merely by providing information about it.
▪ Don't give them a sales pitch because there is nothing more irritating.
▪ None of this is likely to stop a flurry of sales pitches from mutual-fund salespeople.
▪ Many of us are too polite to resist their pressure and we end up sacrificing our time to their sales pitch.
▪ Yadda, yadda, enough with the sales pitch and on to the point.
▪ Strangest of all was what happened to the sale price of the dollar.
▪ The sale price was reported to be $ 500 million.
▪ The sale price matters little in these circumstances.
▪ The real estate market in the fire zone is slow, and the ultimate sales prices are discouraging.
▪ Galliford completed 150 houses in East Anglia, with the average sale price increasing from £42,000 to £56,000.
▪ Once the desired sales price is deter-mined, a desired amount will be deducted from the sales price for profit.
▪ But the final sale price was still pounds more than it had been in normal trading the month before.
▪ The principals in the deal declined during a news conference in Manhattan to answer questions about the sale price.
▪ While all customs duties accrued to the federal government, it received only about one-third of total sales tax revenue in 1985.
▪ Others have proposed replacing the federal income tax with something else entirely, such as a national sales tax.
▪ By militant diktat no Kashmiri pays income or sales tax nor electricity or water bills.
▪ However it does not levy a general sales tax; sales taxes are the bread and butter of most state governments.
▪ As far as the consumer is concerned this is just the same as a 15 percent sales tax.
▪ They will report back the general sentiment on sales tax, gross receipts tax, business transaction tax.
▪ I have to add about 4 cents in sales tax.
▪ And there is no sales tax and no retail markup.
▪ The A&R person's job doesn't end with handing over the record to the marketing, promotion and sales teams.
▪ These smaller sales teams will also dent new premium sales.
▪ Franklin employ their own teacher sales team to give advice and support to schools starting to use their products.
▪ And the ground remains very fertile for a good sales team to farm.
▪ Cheryl also handles all car phone arrangements for the sales team, negotiating rates with the phone companies.
▪ Let's return to the example of our sales team, which now has a manager and a chief sales executive.
▪ All the television company's sales teams are based in London, where 90 percent of the advertising comes from.
▪ On Friday it reported higher than expected full year sales.
▪ The company expects to complete both sales by the end of next month, said Richard Allen, chairman.
▪ This sector was the most optimistic about the near-term outlook, expecting much stronger sales in April.
▪ The company is expected to log quarterly sales of about $ 50 million, analysts said.
▪ Both the Husqvarnas and Husabergs are expected to go on sale within weeks.
▪ They were expected to build sales and marketing programs for their unit consistent with the branch strategy.
▪ Analysts had expected hardware sales to rise as much as 18 percent to $ 12. 5 billion.
▪ On September 14 and 15 the staff and friends of Greenbank hold a big sale of unusual bulbs for discerning gardeners.
▪ Many wait till the last minute, hoping that the airline will hold a sale and lower fares.
▪ Tennants, of Harmby Road, Leyburn, will hold the mid-week sale tomorrow.
▪ Why not have the children hold a bake sale?
▪ It was held that his sale of his old car was not in the course of his business.
▪ Federated will not hold a liquidation sale at the Richmond store, as it has been doing at other closing Emporiums.
▪ These are also the areas in which Sotheby's has held its two sales so far in Berlin.
▪ The Corcoran Gallery of Art is holding a tag sale.
▪ Layout and design can make a great difference in increasing sales.
▪ In August, the company announced net profit for the year ended June 30 rose 75 percent on increased sales.
▪ The company also expects to increase its sales in the aviation fuel nozzle servicing business.
▪ The company today increased its sales estimate for 1996 for its storage products for computer linked on networks, its newest business.
▪ It's no use increasing sales by £500 if the campaign itself cost £1000!
▪ The profit margin rose on productivity improvements and increased sales of higher-margin on-site industrial gas plants.
▪ Bowater said the deal would improve earnings this year and increase its sales of coated films and papers to £500 million.
▪ Savings in interest expenses are expected to increase return on sales to 8. 7 percent.
▪ In marketing a sale of rather little-known works, too, there may be some explanatory text.
▪ My background is in marketing and sales.
▪ In the real world of business, marketing and sales people do not treat customers as resistors.
▪ They offered the maisonettes for sale at a peppercorn price, less than £2,000.
▪ Kizziar, for one, was against offering public sale of passes, citing the logistics problem.
▪ Both were offered for sale during the 1820s although, by the 1850s, they were apparently run together.
▪ Any contracts won on an exclusive basis could affect the price at which it is offered for sale.
▪ This is when, under positions of market shortage of liquidity, discount houses are invited to offer eligible instruments for sale.
▪ Player For Sale: A player is offered for sale to you and the other two managers.
▪ It is offered for sale by estate agents Knight, Frank and Rutley who expect it to fetch between £1m and £2m.
▪ The first houses are being offered for sale at between £32,500 and £48,000.
▪ The Mintel report predicted sales would more than double again by the end of 2000.
▪ Lloyds reported fiscal 1995 sales of 1. 08 billion pounds, a 15. 1 percent rise over the year earlier.
▪ Stores posted healthy gains after reporting lively post-Christmas sales.
▪ Data General reported strong sales of its CLARiiON data storage systems.
▪ Tour operators have reported brisk sales since the New Year as people rush to book their annual holiday in the sun.
▪ S., reported that its auto sales rose 11 % last year to 98, 700 units.
▪ Vlasic reported grocery product sales of Dollars 287m last year, compared with Dollars 480m in sales from frozen foods.
▪ Even retail giant CompUSA reported less-than-expected sales in December.
close a deal/sale/contract etc
▪ He talks and talks, compromises and compromises, until he closes a deal.
▪ I enjoy closing a deal 5a.
▪ I told her not to come back until she closed a deal.
▪ In the heart of the city, Bob Scott is further still from closing a deal.
▪ Many will offer low-interest loans, tax breaks or whatever else it takes to close a deal.
▪ Why, then, are some salespeople reluctant to close a sale?
closeout sale/price
high-pressure sales/selling methods etc
lost sales/business/earnings etc
▪ A private parking garage in one building has lost business.
▪ Damaged stock means lost sales, and lost sales mean less profit.
▪ Foot-and-mouth has already cost £51million in lost sales of livestock.
▪ It's thought to have cost the Dickens and Jones department store £100,000 in lost business.
▪ It was estimated that the disruption cost retailers around £5m in lost sales.
▪ When Bogdanov refused, Mr Goddard said he intended to charge the company at least £1,650 to cover lost sales.
▪ a craft sale
▪ All the Christmas sales start right after Thanksgiving.
▪ Amelia bought her jacket at a sale for twenty dollars.
▪ an exhibit and sale of Chinese art
▪ Deb's biggest sale today was a guitar for $500.
▪ I got this coat for half price in the January sales.
▪ The bookstore across the street is having a sale.
▪ There's going to be a sale at Macy's next week.
▪ Five further drawings were purchased after the sale from dealers, again with outside support.
▪ Huizenga was expected to announce the details of the sale Thursday afternoon at news conference at Pro Player Stadium.
▪ In addition to the conference, a one day sales training course was held the day before.
▪ Last year saw half of privately-held Tivoli's revenues come from sales of Tivoli Works, the framework, toolkits and services.
▪ The company declined to give a timetable for the sale.
▪ The declaration exposed him to accusations of hypocrisy after each revelation of arms sales to dubious regimes.
▪ The emphatic answer is that it is not a contract of sale.
▪ Toll Brothers Inc., a builder of luxury homes, is seeing a rapid rise in its sales.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sale \Sale\, n. See 1st Sallow. [Obs.]


Sale \Sale\, n. [Icel. sala, sal, akin to E. sell. See Sell, v. t.]

  1. The act of selling; the transfer of property, or a contract to transfer the ownership of property, from one person to another for a valuable consideration, or for a price in money.

  2. Opportunity of selling; demand; market.

    They shall have ready sale for them.

  3. Public disposal to the highest bidder, or exposure of goods in market; auction.
    --Sir W. Temple.

    Bill of sale. See under Bill.

    Of sale, On sale, For sale, to be bought or sold; offered to purchasers; in the market.

    To set to sale, to offer for sale; to put up for purchase; to make merchandise of. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late Old English sala "a sale, act of selling," from a Scandinavian source such as Old Norse sala "sale," from Proto-Germanic *salo (cognates: Old High German sala, Swedish salu, Danish salg), from PIE root *sal- (3) "to grasp, take." Sense of "a selling of shop goods at lower prices than usual" first appeared 1866. Sales tax attested by 1886. Sales associate by 1946. Sales representative is from 1910.


Etymology 1 n. (context obsolete English) A hall. Etymology 2

n. 1 An exchange of goods or services for currency or credit. 2 The sale of goods at reduced prices. 3 The act of putting up for auction to the highest bidder.

  1. n. the general activity of selling; "they tried to boost sales"; "laws limit the sale of handguns"

  2. a particular instance of selling; "he has just made his first sale"; "they had to complete the sale before the banks closed"

  3. the state of being purchasable; offered or exhibited for selling; "you'll find vitamin C for sale at most pharmacies"; "the new line of cars will soon be on sale"

  4. an occasion (usually brief) for buying at specially reduced prices; "they held a sale to reduce their inventory"; "I got some great bargains at their annual sale" [syn: cut-rate sale, sales event]

  5. an agreement (or contract) in which property is transferred from the seller (vendor) to the buyer (vendee) for a fixed price in money (paid or agreed to be paid by the buyer); "the salesman faxed the sales agreement to his home office" [syn: sales agreement]


Salé ( Sala, Berber ⵙⵍⴰ Sla) is a city in north-western Morocco, on the right bank of the Bou Regreg river, opposite the national capital Rabat, for which it serves as a commuter town. Founded in about 1030 by Arabic-speaking Berbers, the Banu Ifran, it later became a haven for pirates as an independent republic before being incorporated into Alaouite Morocco.

The city's name is sometimes transliterated as Salli or Sallee. The National Route 6 connects it to Fez and Meknes in the east and the N1 to Kénitra in the north-east. Its population is approximately 900,000.


Sale may refer to:

Sale (Berkshire cricketer)

Sale (names, initials and dates unknown) was an English amateur cricketer who made 5 known appearances in first-class cricket matches from 1791 to 1793.

Sale (Tanzanian ward)

Sale is an administrative ward in the Ngorongoro District of the Arusha Region of Tanzania. According to the 2002 census, the ward has a total population of 2,904.

Sale (Thrace)

Sale was an ancient Greek city located in Thrace, located in the region between the river Nestos and the river Hebros.

Sale (surname)

Sale is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Albert Sale (1850–1874), US Army soldier and Medal of Honor recipient
  • Charles "Chic" Sale (1885–1936), American vaudeville performer
  • Chris Sale (born 1989), American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Dick Sale (1919–1987), English schoolmaster and cricketer
  • Florentia Sale (1790–1853), English writer
  • Forest Sale (1911–1985), American collegiate basketball player and politician
  • Freddy Sale, American baseball pitcher
  • George Sale (1697–1736), English orientalist and solicitor
  • Jamie Salé (born 1977), Canadian pairs figure skater
  • John Sale (1758–1827), English singer
  • John Bernard Sale (1779–1856), English organist, son of John Sale
  • Kirkpatrick Sale (born 1937), American environmental and human ecology scholar and author
  • Mark Sale (born 1972), English former footballer
  • Ned Sale (1883–1918), New Zealand cricketer
  • Niu Sale (born 1959), American football player
  • Richard Sale (director) (1911–1993), American screenwriter and film director
  • Robert Sale (1782–1845, British Army major general
  • Tim Sale (artist) (born 1956), American comic book artist
  • Tim Sale (politician) (born 1942), Canadian politician
  • Tommy Sale (1910–1990), English footballer
  • Tommy Sale (rugby league) (1918–2016), English rugby league player
  • Tony Sale (1931–2011), English computer hardware engineer and historian of computing
  • Vernon Sale (1915–1991), New Zealand cricketer

Usage examples of "sale".

As salespeople performed fewer persuasive sales functions, retailers began to advertise more.

If your advertisement is in the business-to-business arena, it should gain inquiries and leads for the sales force by offering an incentive for a response.

The best answer is that a brochure creates the drama of an advertisement but delivers a more complete sales message that can be retained physically as wen as mentally.

A marketing plan incorporates the methods of advertising, sales promotion, merchandising and public relations.

After we examined the advertising, sales promotion, public relations and direct marketing, we discovered that nowhere in their communication was anything that offered the customers comfort, excitement and innovation.

Pauli and the Cavern 56 3 Up the Smoke 97 4 Beatles for Sale 144 5 Lennon and McCartney 184 6 Avant-Garde London 211 7 Making the Albums 268 8 Sergeant Pepper 293 9 The Walrus Was Paul 349 10 The Maharishi 396 11 Apple 431 12 The White Album 481 13 Let It Be 526 14 John 568 Afterword 597 Bibliography 618 The Beatles have become so surrounded by myth, fantasy and speculation that determining anything other than the basic facts of their lives has become virtually impossible.

Night came the Beatles for Sale album with eight new Lennon-McCartney compositions.

Ad Lib club, 132-4, 139 Adams, John and Marina, 126, 254 Aitken, Jonathan, 228 Albufeira, Portugal, 204 album sleeve designs, 333-48, 500-506, albums, by the Beach Boys, 280-81 by the Beatles Abbey Road, 550-59, 565 Beatles: Love Songs, Beatles for Sale, 38, 173 Let It Be, 470, 534-9, 549-51, 575, 578 Magical Mystery Tour, Please Please Me, 93, 95, 153, 583 Revolver, 190, 268, 281, 290-92 Rubber Soul, 268, 278, 290 Sgt.

It happened in the middle of an end-of -year bargain sale, when all of them had been trying to get the only bronze alembic left in a bin.

Hansard for the sale of this report, on the ground that the allegation therein contained about the work was a libel.

Owner Ramsey Osborn yesterday hedged his Arc bets by selling a half-share in his four-year-old colt to arbitrageur Malcolm Pembroke, who launched into bloodstock only this week with a two million guineas yearling at the Premium Sales.

Where local and foreign milk alike are drawn into a general plan for protecting the interstate commerce in the commodity from the interferences, burdens and obstructions, arising from excessive surplus and the social and sanitary evils of low values, the power of the Congress extends also to the local sales.

Justice, moreover, demands that we acknowledge the existence of a small minority of dues-paying members of the Socialist Party who neither attack religion nor tacitly approve of the atheistic propaganda carried on in the official Marxian press, as well as in the books, pamphlets and magazines on sale not only in the leading Socialist book-stores of America, but even at the National Office of the party in Chicago.

Private investigators, shady operators like the Boston realtor and the Campbell who had listed Auk House for sale or rent.

The auriferous tooth, the sedentary disposition, the Sunday afternoon wanderlust, the draught upon the delicatessen store for home-made comforts, the furor for department store marked-down sales, the feeling of superiority to the lady in the third-floor front who wore genuine ostrich tips and had two names over her bell, the mucilaginous hours during which she remained glued to the window sill, the vigilant avoidance of the instalment man, the tireless patronage of the acoustics of the dumb-waiter shaft - all the attributes of the Gotham flat-dweller were hers.